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Mint Pea Couscous

Mint pea couscous is the perfect side dish to welcome warmer weather!

Mint provides a refreshing flavor to this mint pea couscous. * Recipe on

It’s finally officially warm here, darlings. I needed spring to arrive. I needed warm weather and sunshine, and fresh produce of the green variety. The Godfather and I aren’t “live in winter” people. We’re more like “visit” winter people, and while we didn’t really have “winter” per se this year, we couldn’t leave the house too often with a new little in tow. Warm weather brings a little more mobility, and a slightly older baby ready to explore. Also produce.  (more…)

Homemade Deviled Ham {Leftovers Recipe}

A classic in Southern cooking, homemade deviled ham makes a great sandwich spread, cracker topping, or mix in! This is a great way to use leftover spiral ham.

Use as a sandwich spread or topping for crackers or celery. Homemade deviled ham is ready in minutes *

Let’s take a moment to appreciate ugly food, darlings. Deviled ham definitely isn’t beautiful, but it is versatile, and delicious. Deviled ham takes me back to church potlucks and my mother’s first forays into making deviled eggs (thanks to said potlucks). Her recipe for deviled eggs was to dump a can of deviled ham into some egg yolks, mash, and scoop back into the whites. Deviled eggs must have deviled ham, right? There was no google back then to search for and compare recipes for “authenticity”, so this seems like a plausible conclusion, right? (more…)

Asian Tuna Sliders

Easy Asian Tuna sliders topped with a creamy Asian slaw are a unique slider recipe ready in minutes! *

It’s time for another episode of “Things that Make Us Smile”! In this one, we’ll talk about mini foods, and Asian Tuna Sliders, because both definitely make us smile. Finger foods are always a favorite for parties and people with hands of all sizes. They’re fun in the way foods on a stick are fun, and mini sandwiches are very very fun. Asian tuna sliders will make us smile because I know that you, like me, love Asian flavors and tuna together. There’s a reason my Spicy Tuna Wraps are one of my top 5 recipes on this site, darlings.  (more…)

Sparkling Mint Julep

Whether you make it as a cocktail or a mocktail, this sparkling mint julep is a lovely drink for a celebration! Large hats optional.

Let’s believe in celebrations, darlings. Life brings so many challenges it’s easy to forget to celebrate, and yet celebrate we should. And we should wear large, decorative hats while sipping something sparkling, because why not? Whether it’s for a Derby party or just because, I’m loving this sparkling mint julep at the moment.

Crispy Oven Roasted Spanish Potatoes

This recipe has a hint of lemon, the right amount of paprika, and an incredible crispy texture. These crispy oven roasted Spanish potatoes are delicious!

It’s no secret we love potatoes in this house. We prepare them all different ways, and I’m always collecting new recipes to try. We also love Spanish flavors, and my husband laughs that my Spanish side shows with my love of adding paprika to almost everything. One of the most often heard questions when I’m “to taste” seasoning a savory dish is, “should I add paprika?” And yet, I don’t think I have a dish on the blog with paprika and potatoes. Not that this dish is paprika heavy (it isn’t), but making it made me think of this story.  (more…)

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