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Tarta de Santiago {Spanish Almond Cake}

The Tarta de Santiago, a naturally gluten-free Spanish almond cake, is a very traditional Spanish dessert originating from the town of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. 

The Tarta de Santiago (Saint James Cake) is a classic Spanish dessert. This gluten free almond cake recipe is simple to follow and makes a delightful dessert or tea cake. *

Making this cake was a request from my daddy. He grew up in Spain, where this cake is very common and he requested I bake him this memory. I was very curious to try it as a friend of mine from the flamenco studio where I took lessons in California had also recently completed a portion of the Camino de Santiago and this cake is one she would have seen in countless bakery windows along the way. Besides, almond and citrus just make such a beautiful flavor combination, so the dessert is not just a beautiful way to bring a little Spanish sweetness to your table, it’s also incredibly delicious! (more…)

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cake

My old fashioned peanut butter cake recipe is a classic cake perfect for peanut butter lovers and has peanut butter baked right into the batter and whipped into the frosting!

This is the cake for peanut butter lovers! Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cake with a rich and creamy peanut butter frosting! *

Peanut butter cake was one of the very first cake recipes I made from scratch. My first memory of making this cake was while we were newlyweds, but eating this cake came first… this was the bottom tier of our wedding cake (the middle tier was almond cake, the top tier key lime!) When I searched for a peanut butter cake recipe shortly after our wedding to try out, I came across an “award winning” peanut butter cake on It used shortening and didn’t have quite as much peanut butter as I wanted, but it seemed a good starting place. So I swapped butter for shortening, messed with maybe 1 more thing, and made the cake. Not only was it a hit, a friend requested it for a potluck party a few months later! Talk about a vote of confidence for this novice cake baker!  (more…)

Key Lime Cake From Scratch

Perfectly tart with the right amount of sweet, this key lime cake recipe holds a special place in our hearts (and stomachs!).

Key Lime Cake From Scratch - Delectably tart, perfect for serious key lime lovers. Includes recipe for white chocolate buttercream frosting. *

The top layer of our wedding cake was key lime cake. We had it recreated for our first year anniversary. While it’s made an appearance here and there for birthdays and other celebrations, we always always associate key lime cake with our wedding cake. Since our 10 year wedding anniversary is a few short days away, I couldn’t resist sharing the recipe on the blog. How else does one celebrate such a milestone without cake? In fact, by the time our anniversary rolls around, I’ll have posted recipes for all three tiers of our wedding cake. One is already on the blog… can you guess which?  (more…)

Chocolate Coconut Crazy 8 Cake

With no butter, milk, or eggs, this chocolate coconut crazy 8 cake is my variation on the popular one pot style depression cake! You mix and bake all in one pan and the resulting cake is super moist, delicious, and made extra special with a vegan chocolate ganache topping! 

Chocolate Coconut Crazy 8 Cake - A one pan cake with no eggs, milk, or butter. Mix and bake in the same pan! This recipe is extra decadent with a vegan ganache topping. *

I may (or may not) have mentioned before that I’m part of a recipe club where we get together once a month, cook dishes based on some theme, and then eat them and share the recipes. If I haven’t sorry. If I have, then can I just encourage you to get some friends together and start one? I think the idea hearkens back to the 1950s or so – at least that’s the decade I picture when I think of recipe clubs – and it’s so much fun! We always end up having a wonderful time together and the food is delicious! In fact, this cake is from one of my recipe club meetings. (more…)

Strawberry Cake From Scratch

Fresh strawberries add the perfect amount of flavor and even a bit of natural color to this fresh strawberry cake from scratch! No box mix or artificial flavoring required! 

No artificial colors, all natural flavor, this fresh strawberry cake from scratch is a perfect dessert for strawberry season! *

As a kid, I thought you could only get strawberry cake from the box. It never even occurred to me that fresh berries could (and do) make an amazing strawberry cake! My conversion to fresh strawberry cake happened while we lived in California near some amazing strawberry farms. The berries were so sweet, they were practically dessert on their own. You know me though, I can’t be trusted around any ingredient – I always want to bake!  (more…)

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