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Star Wars Macarons: Chocolate Chili Macarons & Wild Orange Vanilla Bean

Whether you are for the First Order or a member of the Resistance, the Force is strong with these Star Wars macarons!

Whether you belong to the First Order or the Resistance, the Force is strong in these Star Wars Macarons! Recipes included for chili chocolate macarons and vanilla bean wild orange macarons. The post also contains a downloadable template for piping the macarons and making your stencils. This is a perfect Star Wars dessert for your favorite foodie. * 

I am typing this with just hours left on May 4 (May the Fourth be with you), but I couldn’t let today go by without something Star Wars related. It was too perfect! Of course, I didn’t realize this a week or so ago because this year has been such a blur so I literally made and shot the pictures for this post today, but no matter. It’s done! Maybe these macarons are a little late for this year’s May 4th celebration, but Episode VIII comes out later this year and we are READY!  (more…)

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Cookies

Strawberry rhubarb pie cookies are perfect for springtime! They’re easy to make, and package beautifully for an easy edible gift. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Cookies - Easy to make, even easier to eat! ;) *

This cookie recipe makes me happy. First, you’re making tiny little pies, which are always cute, and delicious, especially if you’re a crust lover like me. Second, you can choose your level of difficulty. You can make everything from scratch, or buy store bought, and either way the result is fabulous. Finally, you have pie cookies and that should be reason enough to be happy. Celebrate the little things, darlings. In this case, little things are cute little strawberry rhubarb pie cookies.  (more…)

Chocolate Coffee Stout Beer Cookies

Think everything is better with beer? These chocolate coffee stout beer cookies are soft, have just the perfect hint of beer flavor balanced with the right amount of coffee and chocolate.

Soft chocolate coffee stout beer cookies are the perfect treat for a beer lover! The beer taste is just right and blends perfectly with the chocolate. *

I started baking with beer innocently enough, making cupcakes for Saint Patrick’s Day like just about everyone does. Then I branched out a bit and made some beer macarons from time to time when I had the bakery (I’ll get a recipe up at some point, promise), but it wasn’t something I did very often. In fact, these cookies weren’t really planned, they were an accidental inspiration after I couldn’t find the cherry chocolate stout we tried at a beer tasting and I *needed* to get some to make macarons, flourless chocolate cake, and cupcakes.  (more…)

Soft Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

It’s no joke, these soft vegan peanut butter cookies contain no oil or butter, but still manage to be everything you want in a soft peanut butter cookie! 

Irrisistable, these soft vegan peanut butter cookies have a secret ingredient to make them just a bit better for you. ;) Recipe on

I was craving peanut butter cookies one day, but I had some pumpkin puree I needed to use, and it was February, so making pumpkin cookies felt a little odd. Also, it wouldn’t have solved my craving for peanut butter cookies, so would have been pretty pointless. I was also trying out a 100% vegan diet, so my usual peanut butter cookie recipe was a no-go too since it has eggs. But I really really really really really really really wanted peanut butter cookies.  (more…)

Cherry Matcha Macarons

Inspired by the beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms in Washington DC, these cherry matcha macarons will make you think spring anytime!

Cherry matcha macarons - delicately flavored, a lovely recipe to celebrate spring! *

Darlings, it’s getting beautiful outside. We still have days that are just a bit too cool and windy for my taste, but warmer weather is coming, and with that, barbecues, pool days, summer festivals, and enough sunshine and hot weather to make this Godmother happy. But for now, I’m content watching the beautiful cherry blossom trees outside our house burst into bloom! About 25% of the buds have opened and in a few days the trees will fully bloom to show their full beauty.

All the locals are buzzing about the cherry trees blooming around the Tidal Basin downtown, but I know we who live in Northern Virginia feel fortunate to find the same beautiful trees away from the crowds too. Did you know that the trees were a gift from Japan in 1912? The joy this gift brings this area each spring makes my heart happy, and inspired the cherry matcha macarons, because macarons make people happy. (more…)

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