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Chipotle Turkey Panini

Inspired by the chipotle turkey panini the Godfather and I used to enjoy at the Storm Surge Cafe on the University of Miami campus, this panini makes a tasty and quick lunch or dinner!

Inspired by the chipotle turkey panini the Godfather and I used to enjoy at the Storm Surge Cafe on the University of Miami campus, this panini makes a tasty and quick lunch or dinner! * Recipe on

We recently returned from a family vacation/family visit to Florida, and a conversation between the Godfather and I made this recipe seem exceptionally appropriate to share. You see, we visited campus. By “campus” I refer to the University of Miami main campus, our undergraduate alma mater, where we met, and where we have many fond memories. We hadn’t planned to stop by this trip, but were looking for a t-shirt for Princess A to wear on game days, and a onesie for #2. After spending over 30 minutes finding parking (memories!), we ducked straight into the bookstore and out again in 10 minutes. We also realized how much older we are than the current students, and instead of bothering us, we found it funny.  (more…)

Tarragon Chicken Salad

A classic for everything from sandwiches to entertaining, tarragon chicken salad is perfect for the golf course, a lunch box, or served in mini at a holiday soiree. 

Tarragon chicken salad - this easy chicken salad recipe makes a perfect filling for sandwiches, or a great snack served with crackers! *

I’d like to start off by saying how much I love the word soiree. Expect to see it slightly overused as the holidays approach and I delve into serious entertaining mode, even if it’s just entertaining small groups. Tip: Chicken salad is great for entertaining when spread on small baguette rounds or put in toasted phyllo cups. But I didn’t originally create this beautiful dish for entertaining, I made it for lunch.  (more…)

Avocado Tuna BLTs

Avocado Tuna BLTs - skip the mayo, but still enjoy everything about a tuna BLT in this better-for-you spin on a classic lunch sandwich. #OnlyAlbacore #CG #ad

Do you know why I love back to school? Not only is there my love of shopping for cute school supplies, but I also get loads of lunch inspiration. Even before I had a little one, I would look at all the healthy lunch ideas, borrowing accordingly for the office. Traditional lunch combinations can get boring! To keep things exciting, I look for ways to combine nutritious ingredients in new ways, and inspiration is plentiful! For example, for these delectable avocado tuna BLTs, I swap the traditional mayo for avocado.   (more…)

The Godfather Burger

The Godfather Burger patty recipe is juicy, perfect for the grill or grill pan, and works with every topping combination we’ve ever tried! Ten years in the making, this is The Godfather’s first official post on Goodie Godmother (far from his first recipe), and our favorite beef burger patty! 

The Godfather Burger - A beef patty recipe 10 years in the making, this is the Godfather's secret to making juicy flavorful burgers perfect for the grill. * Recipe on

Who doesn’t enjoy a good grilled beef burger?  Okay…vegans wouldn’t want the beef patty, but that’s besides the point (vegetarians can try my amazing mushroom burger recipe here).  I started grilling my own burgers soon after college, right when I started having some income of my own and decided it wasn’t worth dropping $10-15 at a pub when I can craft my own burgers and pick the sides and drink pairings.  If I wanted to, I could have my burgers in my pajamas while watching the evening college football games because I’m an adult and I can make my own decisions… (more…)

Spicy Tuna Wraps

Get your spicy tuna fix in minutes with this easy spicy tuna wraps recipe! *

I’m a tiny bit in love with wraps. There’s something about circular food that makes me happy, and sometimes a square or rectangular sandwich just doesn’t cut it. Especially when you love lots of veggies in your sandwich, like me, but all the fillings fall all over the place if you’re clumsy, like me. Wraps solve this problem in one beautiful, hand held solution, so naturally I’m always trying out new combinations and experimenting with creative wrap recipes, like these spicy tuna wraps.  (more…)

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