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Thai Peanut Wrap

Did you know that one of my favorite things in the world is peanut sauce? Peanuts are not just a nostalgic food for me, bringing back images of childhood, but I find them a rather delicious treat in savory and sweet dishes. Today, I’m excited to share with you a peanut sauce recipe to use in a delicious Thai Peanut Wrap. It’s a wonderful way to use up leftover chicken and get in some veggies and healthy fats.

Easy Thai Peanut Wrap is a healthy make ahead quick meal. Get the recipe on (more…)

THE Authentic Cuban Sandwich

How to make an authentic Cuban sandwich, with a little help from your slow cooker if you can't find all the ingredients. ;) Easy, delicious, authentic!

This is The Cuban Sandwich recipe, for The Cuban Sandwich. Cuban sandwiches are easy to make, they’re a staple at restaurants and walk-up windows all over Miami, and they are just one of those South Florida street foods everyone knows. And there is one way to make them. Period. It involves¬†6 simple ingredients: Cuban bread, mustard, Swiss cheese, pickles, mojo pork, and sweet ham. That’s it. No aioli, no salami, no onion, no lettuce, no lots of other things I’m seeing on Cuban sandwich recipes nowadays. But it’s okay, this is why I’m here, to teach. ūüėČ (more…)

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork – Georgia Style

This slow cooker pulled pork recipe post was updated 8/2015 as part of the #ThrowbackThursday photography project where I add better pictures to already delicious recipes! 

No smoker required for perfectly pulled pork. A Georgia style dry rub and a few hours of low and slow cooking make the perfect slow cooker pulled pork! Get the recipe on

Hello dolls! That chill is in the air and I’ve finally spared a minute to blog again!

The Godfather and I were in Florida for a few weeks visiting family; I didn’t pack a computer and I abhor typing long messages on my phone. Then we came back and I had a wild baking schedule, but it felt so good to be back in the kitchen with my tools. Neither the Godfather’s mother or my own are bakers and we had to get a little creative in the kitchen when working with limited tools. Regardless, it was a wonderful trip. One of the downsides to being a military family is living far from relatives most of the time, so we cherish the moments when we do get to see them.¬† (more…)

Grilled Cheese Gone Gourmet: Bacon, Basil, Tomato with Mozzarella

This post updated June 2015 as part of the #ThrowbackThursday photography project. I re-make and re-shoot an old recipe from the blog, then post the new photos along with the old photos.

Basil, Bacon, Mozzarella Grilled Cheese. A BBMT? No matter what you call it, it's delicious! Recipe on

Did you know April is Grilled Cheese Month? Neither did I until I was wasting time on Facebook catching up on the news one morning earlier this month. Not the kind of people to let an important national holiday such as this go without observation, the Godfather and I found the perfect opportunity to celebrate after I baked a batch of spent grain bread and made some mozzarella.

Cheese Making and Grilled TMB2 sandwiches

Basil, Bacon, Mozzarella Grilled Cheese. A BBMT? No matter what you call it, it's delicious! Recipe on

Like? I made regular mozzarella and roasted garlic. It’s okay if you don’t make your own cheese, this is a new amusement for me, but it won’t replace the convenience of store-bought. Buy your favorite and enjoy without guilt!

Before we get to the recipe I’d like to impart a wonderful little tidbit of information that will save you a few minutes of cleaning time. Line your panini press with foil, then spray the foil with nonstick spray and grill. The grill stays clean, your sandwich doesn’t stick, and all is right in the world… or something. I worked in a deli a million years ago and this was one of the valuable life lessons learned. You’re welcome.

Basil, Bacon, Mozzarella Grilled Cheese. A BBMT? No matter what you call it, it's delicious! Recipe on

Cheese Making and Grilled TMB2 sandwiches
BBTM: Bacon, Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella Grilled Cheese

  • 4 slices of wheat or whole grain bread
  • 4 slices of bacon
  • 2 ounces mozzarella cheese
  • 4 tbsp sliced fresh basil
  • 4 slices fresh tomato
  1. Line your panini press with foil, spray with nonstick spray, then preheat to medium heat. 
  2. In a skillet, cook your bacon to desired crispness and drain.
  3. Layer cheese, bacon and basil on your bread then place on the panini press and grill until the cheese is melted and the outside of the bread is lightly toasted.
  4. Remove the sandwiches from the grill and add the tomato slices.
  5. Enjoy!

Cheese Making and Grilled TMB2 sandwiches

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Basil, Bacon, Mozzarella Grilled Cheese. A BBMT? No matter what you call it, it's delicious! Recipe on

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