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Mexican Cobb Salad

Fresh flavors shine in this Mexican Cobb Salad with a jalapeno basil vinaigrette! #ad #VidaAguacate * Recipe on

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #VidaAguacate #CollectiveBias I make it no secret that I really really really love avocados, and I’ve even referred to avocados as a “lifestyle”. So naturally, when I came across the Vida Aguacate website, I was super excited. So excited that I grabbed my Avocados From Mexico and whipped up this Mexican Cobb Salad.…

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Hawaiian Inspired Root Beer Sticky Ribs

Sticky, saucy, sweet and spicy, these Hawaiian-inspired root beer sticky ribs are a crowd pleaser! * Recipe on

Inspired by a dish we tried at a local Hawaiian restaurant, The Godfather created grilled root beer sticky ribs! With an addicting sweet and spicy flavor, this is a great unique grilling recipe to try.  While we lived in California, we had the opportunity to try casual Hawaiian food. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of how Cuban food is plated for lunch in South Florida: every meal comes with…

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Boring Guacamole Recipe

Move along, folks. There's nothing to see here... I'll just take those chips, and that bowl of boring guacamole and sit quietly right over there... * Recipe on

Move along, folks. There’s nothing to see here… I’ll just take those chips, and that bowl of boring guacamole and sit quietly right over there… For all the recipe experimentation I do, there are a few foods where I am a bit of a purist, and guacamole is one of them. It’s not that I don’t love to try different variations, but I always come back to my tried and true,…

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Cake Batter Cream Cheese

Cake Batter Cream Cheese - easy to make, and this recipe uses NO artificial extracts for flavor, but still tastes just like cake batter! *

Whip up the perfect cake batter cream cheese spread with ingredients you likely already have on hand! This recipe tastes like cake batter, but uses NO artificial flavoring.  A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of getting together with a few blog friends to socialize, talk shop for about 5 minutes, and eat. In attendance were Meaghan (Cook Craft Love), Tara (An Aiming High Wife), and Erin (No Bohn’s…

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Crispy Smoked Paprika Onion Straws

Crispy smoked paprika onion straws are an easy and delicious addition to burgers, salads, steaks, sandwiches, or a fun snack to enjoy just because. Recipe found on

Use these crispy smoked paprika onion straws to top sandwiches, salads, casseroles, or simply as a unique alternative to onion rings! They’re so light and airy, easy to make, and the smoked paprika adds the perfect flavorful kick. This is kind of a surprise post for me. I wasn’t planning to share these onion straws (strings?), but then I realized that we used them to take pictures of The Godfather’s…

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Yuca con Mojo

Yuca con Mojo - a delicious Cuban dish that makes a great alternative to potatoes! {vegan, gluten free, paleo friendly} *

Yuca con mojo – yuca with mojo sauce – is a great substitute for a mashed potato dish. The yuca is satisfyingly starchy and delicious when topped with the garlicky onion-y mojo sauce.  Yuca con mojo is a dish you’ll find at almost any Cuban party and around the family dinner table at least a few times a month. Yuca, a starchy, inexpensive, and versatile edible root found in the…

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Cuban Style Chimichurri Sauce

Cuban Style Chimichurri Sauce - a garlicky, fresh-flavored condiment perfect to have on hand for a variety of dishes. Ready in minutes with the recipe on

Chimichurri sauce is a fabulous garlicky green sauce that makes the flavor of so many dishes pop! Originally from Argentina, it is also found in other Latin American cuisines, like in many Cuban dishes, which is how I was first introduced to this versatile condiment. The first time I recall having chimichurri, even though I know it wasn’t actually the first time, was after I took either the ACT or…

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Easy Romesco Sauce

Enjoy this delicious red pepper dip from Spain with just minutes of prep time! Easy Romesco Sauce Recipe on

Romesco sauce, a red pepper pesto sauce from Catalonia, is a staple in Spanish cuisine, and a delicious all-purpose sauce recipe to use in a variety of dishes! This easy romesco sauce recipe freezes well, so I always make the full batch and keep extra on hand to use as needed. Can we spend a moment reflecting about the concept of “doing it all” and how ridiculous that sounds? As a…

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Easy Chocolate Syrup

Make your own chocolate sauce - with no corn syrup! Cooks up in minutes, and is ready to make easy chocolate milk or drizzle over ice cream, into coffee or hot chocolate, or over cakes or cupcakes! Recipe on

Before we get to the easy chocolate syrup recipe, it’s time for a quick lesson in food labeling. Did you know that ingredients are listed on a package in order of quantity in a recipe? The first three ingredients make up the bulk of any product you purchase. Think about this next time you’re shopping, especially if you’re looking for chocolate syrup. The first three ingredients in most major brands are:…

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Stay Soft Caramel Sauce

An easy to follow recipe for homemade caramel sauce that stays soft - even in the refrigerator! Perfect for dipping apple slices or pretzels or drizzling over desserts or into hot chocolate or lattes.

Everyone loves homemade caramel sauce. This isn’t a broad generalization, it’s just fact. Homemade caramel sauce is easy to make, and you likely have the ingredients on hand, so you can basically whip up a batch whenever, but you have to store the extra in the refrigerator, where it becomes hard. Then, when you want caramel you have to wait, and one should never have to wait for caramel. Over…

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Fall Harvest Salad

This salad is perfect for fall! Blue cheese crumbles, quick candied pecans, fresh apples, dark leafy greens, and an easy red wine vinaigrette. It's healthy fall comfort food!

  Something about the change in seasons makes me crave salad. I don’t know if it’s because I fear winter weight gain and so this is my subconscious attempt to balance preemptively, or because lettuce, arugula, and many of the leafy greens I like to include in my salads are actually in season when it gets cooler. Either way, my salad cravings are strong in Fall.…

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Desserts and Sweets/ Sauces and Condiments

Orange Curd

Citrus curd without the pucker, this orange curd recipe reminds me of a creamsicle. Recipe on

I heard a radio DJ yesterday listing off four or five words that women hate to hear in conversation. I agreed with a few, because they’re just awkward words to used outside of very specific situations, but curd was on the list and I’m not sure why. Do people use the word curd outside of describing foods like cheese curd, lemon curd, lime curd, and the topic of today’s post…

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