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Fresh Herb Rice Pilaf {SRC}

A recipe worth raiding the herb garden! Basil, thyme, oregano, and chives make this from-scratch pilaf colorful and tastier than anything you can buy in a box!

Happy Monday darlings! It’s that time of the month again, Secret Recipe Club reveal day! Today’s is bittersweet for me. I joined the Secret Recipe Club excitedly the moment I had the required number of recipes on the blog, and I looked forward to exploring a new blog each month and trying a different recipe. You may recall the Thai Peanut Wraps, DIY Buttermilk, and Cookie Butter Cookies from previous SRC reveal days. But things have gotten a little busy in the world of the Godmother, and as a one-woman show, it’s important I find and maintain a balance between family and blog life. So this is my last post with the Secret Recipe Club for now, and what a beautiful closing recipe! (more…)

Old Bay Onion Rings and Lemon Dipping Sauce

Beer Battered Old Bay Onion Rings with Creamy Lemon Dipping Sauce - An appetizer or side dish that's boardwalk ready, no matter where you are!

Never have I known a place to have such a love of a seasoning as the mid-Atlantic does for Old Bay. Moving here, we knew it was popular, especially since the company is based out of Baltimore, but the following for this seasoning is impressive. It’s like the Pabst Blue Ribbon of the spice cabinet, only mainstream and regionally hipster at the same time… a feat I tell you. To give you an idea of how much Old Bay seasoning is part of the local food culture, we bought a rotisserie chicken at the store with Old Bay seasoning. This isn’t just for crab legs anymore. (more…)

Cuban Sweet Plantains (Maduros)

You'd never guess these Cuban Sweet Plantains, also called "maduros", have no added sugar! A popular and easy to make side dish with just two ingredients.

As I prepared this dish, killing time by playing Candy Crush (as I do), I had a revelation that not only makes me laugh even now, but immediately conjures up the image of my father-in-law handing out food saying “Esto no engorda” (This isn’t fattening). The last time this happened was this past Christmas when he was passing around homemade chicharron (crispy pork rinds) he made on the grill while he was preparing the Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) pig. The funny thing is, as rich as the crispy cracklings were, he was right.

But now, I have another Cuban recipe to add to that category, one that even he may not have realized is actually completely acceptable for Whole30 and those who follow the paleo and primal diets. It’s amazing how easy it is to find healthy recipes when the emphasis is simply on whole foods.  (more…)

How to make Queso Fresco

So… Cinco de Mayo is coming up and since I actually have this recipe ready to go, let’s all pretend I’m sharing it to be festive and not because I was planning to share it anyway since this is AWESOME, okay? I mean really, how much more impressive does it get to be able to say, “Oh, this delicious cheese? I made it”? And then your friends are like “EHRMAGAHRD, that’s AHHHMAZING!” and you just hope they never come across this post so they don’t find out your secret.

Make queso fresco cheese with just 3 ingredients and no special equipment! (more…)

Meyer Lemon Green Beans with Almonds

This Meyer Lemon Green Beans recipe has been updated with new photos as part of the #ThrowbackThursday photography project. We enjoy this recipe so much as a quick, healthy side dish alternative to heavier green bean casseroles.

Enjoy these Meyer Lemon Green Beans as an easy, healthier side dish! Ready in just a few minutes. * Recipe on

I distinctly remember the texture of cold cream of whatever soup in the green bean casserole that came with the Thanksgiving dinners my mom would order at the grocery store. I promise we warmed them, but there were always leftovers and I have a habit of testing dishes cold and deciding if I really like them partially based on their texture at the one temperature most dishes are not designed to be served. That particular green bean casserole just didn’t make the cut.

Ban boring green beans! Meyer Lemon Green Beans with Almonds - healthy and so easy to make! #paleo #primal #Whole30

I’ve had great green bean casseroles since then, but they’re clearly not an every day dish. Usually loaded with butter and other fats, it’s just not something I really want to put on our family table more frequently than say, Thanksgiving. That meant that green beans were not frequent guests at our dinner table, and rather under appreciated by me until a few years ago. I really love the flavor of green beans, they’re delicious! A little sweet, crunchy, a bit earthy, it’s just nice, and a flavor that deserves to be complimented and celebrated. (more…)

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