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Bourbon Maple Leaf Cocktail

A perfect drink for cool evenings and changing seasons, the Bourbon Maple Leaf cocktail is great for sipping alone or pairing with cool weather comfort food. 

Bourbon is one of my favorite spirits. This is strange for someone originally from Florida, where depending on which side of Lake Okeechobee you live it’s a toss-up between rum and Jack Daniel’s. Bourbon was something I wasn’t exposed to until college, and since then it has been my liquor of choice for pairing with barbecue and other meat dishes, to prepare brine for turkey, or to just enjoy on the rocks. (more…)

White Russian Pecan Pie

White Russian Pecan Pie – inspired a little by happy hour, a lot by a road trip, this unique pecan pie recipe is amazing! It’s a must for our Thanksgiving table. 

White Russian Pecan Pie - inspired a little by happy hour, a lot by a road trip, this unique pecan pie recipe is amazing! It's a must for our Thanksgiving table. * Recipe on

Have you ever had a dish so good at a restaurant you had to go back, even if it was out of your way, just to eat it again? This is what happened with us and this White Russian Pecan Pie. Actually, it wasn’t just the pie, we had to go back for all the amazing food. Last year, the Godfather and I stopped by Julia Belle’s Restaurant at the Pee Dee Farmer’s Market in Florence, South Carolina. It’s a tiny little place with some of the absolute tastiest food we’ve enjoyed on the road. So good, we knew it was a stop on the way home before we even started our vacation. Julia Belle’s is where I first heard of a White Russian Pecan Pie.  (more…)

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Blondies {Egg Free}

Peanut butter pumpkin blondies are a delicious alternative to brownies in the fall. Festive, and easy to make, they’re a great gift or easy dessert.

This peanut butter pumpkin blondies recipe is egg free, delicious, and the perfect fall dessert for pumpkin lovers! * Recipe on

Strange as it sounds, you may thank a protein smoothie for this peanut butter pumpkin blondies recipe. I was on a pumpkin mocha protein smoothie kick for about a week, and the only can of pumpkin I could find in my cabinet was one of those monster cans that has enough puree for 2 pies. Given that I don’t drink a protein smoothie every day, and that each smoothie only requires a bit of pumpkin, I had quite a bit leftover. Which could have become something healthy, but why? It would throw off our fabulous balance. And I’ve also really wanted brownies recently. This is the perfect solution!  (more…)

Samoas Caramel Corn

This fabulous unique caramel corn recipe was inspired by my favorite Girl Scout Cookie, the Samoas (or Caramel D’Lites). The last batch of samoas caramel corn I made disappeared in minutes!

Samoas Caramel Corn - This recipe always disappears in minutes! *

Ever since I whipped up a batch of chai tea caramel corn and realized how easy it was to make caramel corn at home, I’ve had so much fun experimenting with recipes! Last Christmas, I shipped care packages to family with snacks, and included my s’mores caramel corn and this Samoas caramel corn. The recipe didn’t go up last year because the caramel corn I saved for pictures disappeared too quickly. I had to make this recipe at least 3 times to get pictures, everyone loves it!  (more…)

Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu

This pumpkin chai tiramisu is an easy no-bake autumn dessert with just the right hint of chai tea! 

Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu - This unique tiramisu recipe is a great alternative to pumpkin pie for your fall dessert table! No baking required, and easily assembles in under 30 minutes *

I was discussing fall desserts with my baby sister one day and she suggested a pumpkin tiramisu. I loved the idea! The thing is, baby sister doesn’t like coffee, at all, and if I make a dessert she inspired, it should be something she’ll eat. I thought about it a bit, and remembered my pumpkin chai macarons. Drawing inspiration from those flavors, I decided to whip up a delicious pumpkin chai tiramisu!  (more…)

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