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Painted Fall Leaves Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Decorating festive autumn sugar cookies is easy with my painted fall leaves sugar cookie tutorial. Using either royal icing or fondant as a base, learn how to paint sugar cookies to create vibrant and beautiful designs.

Painted Fall Leaves Sugar Cookie Tutorial * Video and Instructions on

Shortly before I closed the bakery,  I began this phase where I wanted to paint EVERYTHING! If there was a way I could work painting into a design, I would do it. I loved the look. Naturally, this happened right as I stopped taking orders and became a food blog, so I play with this technique mostly in my “free time”. I do use it for my cherry blossom cake tutorial which you can find here. The funny thing is, it took two years to post an autumn sugar cookie tutorial using the technique and I’m not sure why. But it’s here now, and Fall is practically here, so let’s decorate cookies!  (more…)

No Churn Apple Pie Ice Cream

My no churn apple pie ice cream is a fabulous, easy recipe for you to enjoy fall flavors even if the weather is a bit too warm for boots and sweaters.

No Churn Apple Pie Ice Cream - a fabulous fall ice cream flavor you can make, even without an ice cream machine! * Recipe on

I know that technically the first day of fall is a few days away, but given that Labor Day has come and gone, college football season has begun, and school started for everyone, it should be fall, right? The local weather didn’t get the memo as the temperatures have topped 90 degrees just about every day this week. At least the community pools are still open. But even if it were cooler, I’d still probably whip up a batch of this no churn apple pie ice cream because it’s that good. And easy. This entire recipe was ready for the freezer in just a few minutes – under 30, and that includes cooking my own apple pie filling!  (more…)

Paleo Plantain Apple Cake

Gluten free plantain apple cake you make in the BLENDER! Easy, refined sugar free, option included for oil free, and paleo-approved.

Next time you’re browsing the produce section casually, as one does, I hope you pause just a little longer by the large banana-looking fruit that isn’t a banana. Whether they be green or very ripe and sweet with black spots, plantains are are worth that extra look. If you haven’t discovered them, now is the time. Really. Plantains are the only fruit I know of where you can use them at practically any stage of ripeness and make something delicious. (more…)

Whole Wheat Apple Muffins

Whole wheat apple muffin recipe. This makes really delicious, moist muffins with LOADS of fresh apples! Recipe on

A friend of mine messaged me a few weeks ago to ask if I had a good apple muffin recipe, because her tree is producing a lot of apples this year, but she hadn’t yet found an apple muffin recipe with enough apple to suit her tastes, and was hoping I’d have a different option for her to try. I did not, but I do now… I hope you like it {S}! (more…)

Caramel Apple Bars


Caramel Apple Bar Recipe - A decadent shortbread crust, fresh apples and caramel, a crunchy strudel topping, and an extra drizzle of caramel... these were gone in no time!

If the number of requests for this recipe I’ve received from those who have tried them is any indication of how popular they are, please pause and pin, print, or bookmark this now then come back and read the post. I had to get these out of the house quickly or I would have probably eaten half the pan by myself because this is like a better version of one of my fall weaknesses, cold apple pie. (more…)

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