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Churro Bagels

The perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar takes this breakfast favorite to the fair! Churro bagels are a perfect sweet breakfast treat, and leftovers freeze well for later. 

I didn’t know this, but the Godfather and I grew up bagel snobs! Apparently, it’s what happens when one is raised in an area like South Florida with plenty of ex-New Yorkers who demand decent bagels. When I talk about “decent bagels”, I’m referring to bagels with flavor, a chewy crust, and a soft yet still chewy center, not that round bread with a hole nonsense sold at most chain bakeries. You can imagine the culture shock when we left our South Florida bubble and moved to Georgia. The Godfather mentioned the lack of bagel options to a co-worker and she recommended a freezer brand. He didn’t know how to reply. We momentarily lost hope. (more…)

Paleo Banana Bread

Gluten free and refined sugar free, this paleo banana bread still feels indulgent. With a great texture, it’s a tasty breakfast treat or snack. 

Gluten free and refined sugar free, this paleo banana bread still feels indulgent. With a great texture, it's a tasty breakfast treat or snack.  * Recipe on

I keep one and a half lists of recipe ideas at any given time. One and a half at the moment, but I’m slowly merging the two for simplicity’s sake. “Merging” the lists mainly means that I’m working through what’s left on one so I can go paperless for my recipe idea tracking. One of the items on my little paper list though, is a good gluten free banana bread. The more I thought about it though, the more I decided I had to make a paleo banana bread and not just a gluten free banana bread. First of all, I make some really good paleo baked goods, and second because why not? In my opinion, natural sweeteners make for a better banana bread anyway. (more…)

Low Carb Jicama Breakfast Skillet

Give the traditional breakfast skillet a healthier makeover! Try this low carb paleo jicama breakfast skillet next time you’re in charge of brunch or want breakfast for dinner.

Give the traditional breakfast skillet a healthier makeover! Try this low carb jicama breakfast skillet next time you're in charge of brunch or want breakfast for dinner. * Recipe on

Many years ago, I read about jicama on a low carb recipe makeover board. When I spied it in the grocery store, I picked one up and used it as a substitute for potatoes for breakfast one morning. We loved it! Jicama isn’t an identical substitute for potatoes, it is slightly sweeter, but the flavor and texture are close enough that we enjoy it. At only 49 calories per cup and 6 grams of fiber though, jicama is a great substitute for white potatoes! One of our current favorite recipes is this jicama breakfast skillet.  (more…)

Peach Basil Protein Smoothie

Make your afternoon (or morning) protein smoothie exciting using fresh flavors and seasonal ingredients from the farmer’s market or your garden. This peach basil protein smoothie is a new favorite for this fitness-loving foodie!

Peach Basil Protein Smoothie - seasonal ingredients make this unique protein smoothie recipe a favorite! *

I ran into a girlfriend at the gym this morning, and the topic of working came up thanks to an article we’re reading for book club this month. It’s a good read if you have a little time. Several points in the article really struck a chord with me, especially as someone who has always been ambitious and values a career, but not at the expense of my family. The author recognizes this and discusses the misconceptions about women like me – those trying to have it all – when we choose to step back or take alternative career paths (like entrepreneurship).

One which I found particularly upsetting is the assumption that we “lack motivation and the dedication to get things done.” Darlings, I may not work in an office with billable hours, but my work day starts before dawn most mornings and often doesn’t end until 11 at night. It’s punctuated by play dates, time at the gym, and the occasional tantrum, but anyone will tell you I’m ever present at “the office”, weekends included. I make time for family, absolutely, but am far from unmotivated when it comes to a professional life.

How does this have any relation to today’s recipe? This is relevant because not all days are sprinkle-coated, chocolate-drizzled sunshine, and when I’m pushing to meet a deadline, or we have to get an early start to the morning so I can squeeze in the day’s work and family obligations, I turn to easy yet nutritious recipes like a peach basil protein smoothie, to keep me going. A recipe equally at home in the carpool or commuter lane.  (more…)

Caramelized Pineapple Pancakes with Butter Rum Syrup

Caramelized pineapple pancakes with butter rum syrup are my favorite tropical inspired breakfast recipe! Just sweet enough and completed with a drizzle of warm syrup, it’s a summer state of mind on a plate!

Caramelized Pineapple Pancakes with Butter Rum Syrup - A decadent and delicious brunch recipe on

Have you ever eaten at one of those cute little local restaurants while you’re on vacation where they warm the pancake syrup and you just think, “this are the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted!”? The menu usually has all sorts of fun combinations on basic pancakes and you tend to file it away as “vacation only” food until you start messing around one day and realize you can actually make this at home. On a weekend. In your pajamas. As fun as it is to dress up and go out, it’s just as nice to enjoy a special breakfast at home with your favorite coffee mug.  (more…)

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