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Carrot Cake From Scratch

This is my favorite carrot cake from scratch recipe, I’ve been baking it for years! This carrot cake recipe has a hint of tropical flavor, but is traditional enough to have everyone come back for seconds. 

Carrot cake from scratch... with a tropical twist! Get the recipe for this amazing carrot cake with coconut cream cheese frosting on

I wish I had a better story about this carrot cake recipe, I really do. But there was no carrot cake from scratch in my childhood, there was some amazing carrot cake from Publix though, which inspired me to make my own as an adult that was equally amazing, and now – because I’m on a bit of a high after hearing compliments from the Godfather’s office – I’ll say mine may be is better. 😉 Not that I’d turn down Publix cake… (more…)

How to Decorate a Rainbow Cake

A sprinkle-coated colorful cake makes a beautiful centerpiece dessert for a party. Learn how to decorate a rainbow cake like a pro with my easy-to-follow tutorial.

How to Decorate a Rainbow Cake with Sprinkles - The blog post and included video will show you my favorite method for covering a buttercream cake with an even layer of sprinkles. With easy to follow instructions, even a home baker can achieve professional results.

Rainbow cakes make me so happy, and it was one of my favorite designs to make with my home bakery. I actually started making them because I agreed to donate a cake to a silent auction for a local organization, and one of the ladies posted a pinterest picture of a layered rainbow cake. I offered to make it, but I knew I couldn’t just frost it in white, I had to make it special! The cake needed to be something fabulous and fun on the outside as well as the inside, so I covered it in sprinkles and piped little frosting stars up top. It was beautiful and did so well at the auction I had 3 additional cakes ordered the week after for future events, and the rainbow cake – decorated as pictured – became a Goodie Godmother signature. Now I’m going to show you how to decorate a rainbow cake so you can make one at home!  (more…)

Snickers Cake

Rich chocolate cake filled with layers of homemade nougat, caramel and peanuts and then covered in a chocolate ganache make this Snickers cake a decadent treat for any occasion! 

Rich chocolate cake, layers of homemade nougat, peanuts, and caramel, all covered with a rich ganache - candy bar dreams come to life! Recipe on

About twelve-ish years ago, I baked the first birthday cake of what would be many birthday treats for the Godfather. We just started dating a few months prior, and he told me that because his birthday falls so soon after the Christmas and New Year festivities, he sometimes didn’t have a celebration or a cake. The first because everyone was already partied out, and the second because all the Cuban bakeries in Hialeah would close between Christmas Day and Three Kings Day. I thought this was so sad, and I decided to make him a cake. It was the ugliest cake anyone had ever seen, I’m sure… (more…)

Perfect Chocolate Cake From Scratch

No boiling water required! This chocolate cake recipe bakes perfectly every time, and stays moist, even after two days in the refrigerator (I know… I just checked.)

No boiling water required! This PERFECT chocolate cake recipe is moist, rich, and most importantly... chocolaty! Part of the "perfect cakes from scratch" recipe collection only on

It’s time to have a serious discussion about chocolate cake. As a serious baker, I have made many many chocolate cakes, and until now, not one has been perfect. I’ve always meant to overhaul my recipe completely and get a perfect from scratch chocolate cake recipe down, but it wasn’t until this past December when I had a less than ideal result out of some variation on “the best chocolate cake recipe ever” that I finally had the “THAT’S IT!” moment. I put other cake flavors aside as I focused on creating the perfect chocolate cake recipe and recruited a test group that ate a pretty good amount of chocolate cake for me so I could get this right. Something like 8 or 10 cakes later (I lost track), I can confidently say that this is it.  (more…)

Fresh Raspberry Mini Cakes

Fresh raspberry mini cakes are a beautiful dessert you can customize for many occasions. Even novice bakers can achieve stunning results!

Fresh Raspberry Mini Cakes - A perfect Valentine's Day dessert without chocolate! These are so easy to make, even for a novice baker. They're the perfect size for eating alone, sharing with someone you love, or they package beautifully for a thoughtful gift. Recipe on

I’m so in love with mini cakes right now, especially if they’re layered with open sides (i.e. – the “naked” cake style). I think they’re so much fun. They’re the perfect size for either eating alone or sharing with someone you love, with zero guilt about overindulging because you just have the one little cake. Mini cakes also make such pretty gifts, and I think these darling raspberry cakes are a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert without chocolate! (more…)

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