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Chimichurri Deviled Eggs

No mayonnaise needed for this deviled egg recipe! Chimichurri deviled eggs are a unique deviled egg recipe perfect for parties and packed with loads of flavor and healthy fats! 

Chimichurri deviled egg recipe - a unique and flavorful deviled egg recipe with NO mayo that everyone loved!

It’s no secret that I grew up in the South… Florida… which is a funny mix of Southern and international influences, resulting in a very unique culture blend, especially when it comes to potluck parties! I noticed this most at church potlucks and picnics. We would usually bring a rice dish or salad, something easy for my mom to make with 3 girls around, and there would be the usual assortment of potluck dishes, and then at least 3 trays of deviled eggs. I loved them, and couldn’t wait to try each version.

Most people just brought a basic deviled egg, some would make them with the canned deviled ham, but sometimes, you’d see a version that was a little more unique. As an adult, my love of deviled eggs hasn’t diminished, and I recently set about actually writing down my basic recipe and creating a few fun variations to share. The chimichurri deviled eggs were the hands down top favorite among the few families I had test for me.  (more…)

Cuban Style Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce is a fabulous garlicky green sauce that makes the flavor of so many dishes pop! Originally from Argentina, it is also found in other Latin American cuisines, like in many Cuban dishes, which is how I was first introduced to this versatile condiment.

Cuban Style Chimichurri Sauce - a garlicky, fresh-flavored condiment perfect to have on hand for a variety of dishes. Ready in minutes with the recipe on

The first time I recall having chimichurri, even though I know it wasn’t actually the first time, was after I took either the ACT or SAT my junior year of high school. My dad took me to the test, and then he took me out to a Cuban restaurant for lunch afterward. I ordered palomilla I think (a thin cut of steak), and it came with a side of chimichurri that seemed just magical after sitting through a standardized test. I don’t remember much about the test other than I did well enough not to worry about taking it again, and that I was annoyed at the kids who were super stressed. Oh, and the lights cast a rather yellowish tint in the classroom, which I didn’t like either. The lunch date with my daddy after was much appreciated, and I still distinctly remember the chimichurri sauce. It was amazing, and I vaguely remember telling my mom about it I think and wondering if we shouldn’t find some at the store. Only, store bought versions aren’t as good as this one, and chimichurri sauce can be made in literally less than 5 minutes at home.  (more…)

Asparagus Garlic Soup

Welcome the coming of warmer days, even on cooler evenings, with this delicious Asparagus Garlic Soup. It’s one of my favorite easy asparagus recipes to enjoy during asparagus season! 

Creamy Asparagus Garlic Soup {dairy free, vegan, clean eating} - Make this easy soup in your blender or on the stove top! Either way it's a perfect way to enjoy asparagus. *

Even as a kid I thought asparagus was one super cool vegetable. I think it was the shape, and the I liked the flavor. I also liked pretending the asparagus spears were sword and play fighting at the kitchen table with my sisters. Sorry about that mom. When my mother bought fresh asparagus, it was always roasted. From time to time though, she’d buy the canned cream of asparagus soup, and I liked that too. Of course, now that I’m grown, and we’ve all learned about better eating habits, my mother no longer buys the canned soup, and neither do I. I still love asparagus soup though, but I make it from scratch. My creamy asparagus garlic soup is delicious, but it doesn’t have dairy, and has a good bit of protein and healthy fats thanks to my secret ingredient! What to know what it is? (more…)

Fresh Turmeric Mushroom Curry

Fresh spices like ginger and turmeric make this fresh turmeric mushroom curry a flavorful, vegan, comfort dish with warming Indian flavors.

Fresh Turmeric Mushroom Curry Recipe - Vegan, clean eating, but really flavorful and loaded with good for you ingredients! *

I can’t believe I hadn’t cooked with fresh turmeric until this year! It’s embarrassing really, and now that I’ve started cooking with fresh turmeric, I don’t think I can ever return to using just the jarred stuff (although I still use it too). I had heard about fresh turmeric and how great it is for you, but the local grocery stores didn’t really carry it regularly, and I wasn’t sure how to use it, so I just never really looked for any. That is, until I came across a recipe on Whitbit’s Kitchen explaining how to make turmeric powder. So the next time I headed to the local international store, I found fresh turmeric on sale (score!), and purchased some. In the process of selecting my turmeric, I started chatting with the lovely woman standing next to me also shopping for turmeric and she asked me if I’d ever made turmeric pickle. I said no, and she told me it was her favorite way to enjoy fresh turmeric. The way her face just lit up when she shared a rough outline of how to make the dish had me purchasing extra just to try it! I have yet to try either making the powder or the curry…  (more…)

Paleo Pastelon

A show-stopping Puerto Rican Pastelon made HEALTHY! This salty sweet breakfast casserole is gluten free, paleo, and Whole30, but tastes rich enough to please every palate at the breakfast table.

You may be asking, “What in the world is a pastelon?” It’s a Puerto Rican dish that’s similar to a lasagna, only the noodles are thinly sliced maduros (fried sweet plantains). Classic versions include cheese, but with all the other amazing flavors in this dish, you don’t need it here. This paleo pastelon is not only the ultimate statement brunch entree, it’s a party in your mouth. It’s salty and sweet, with great texture, and no one will ever guess it fits beautifully into a clean eating diet. (more…)

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