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Blood Orange Vesper Martini

The blood orange vesper martini is a dramatic cocktail inspired by a classic espionage love story.

The blood orange vesper martini is a dramatic cocktail inspired by a classic espionage love story. * Recipe on

When it comes to this time of year and the focus on all things pink, red, and love, I think of James Bond. I know,how romantic, but follow me here. If you put his vices and tendency to get himself into dangerous situations aside, James Bond exhibits qualities one would find really attractive: he’s a sharp dresser, exudes confidence, is witty, and has an uncanny sense of knowing exactly what to do in any given situation. Despite his reputation as a womanizer, James Bond is also a man who knows how to fall in love, and that is the inspiration for this drink. I take you to the first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, and the story of the Vesper martini.  (more…)

Bourbon Maple Leaf Cocktail

A perfect drink for cool evenings and changing seasons, the Bourbon Maple Leaf cocktail is great for sipping alone or pairing with cool weather comfort food. 

Bourbon is one of my favorite spirits. This is strange for someone originally from Florida, where depending on which side of Lake Okeechobee you live it’s a toss-up between rum and Jack Daniel’s. Bourbon was something I wasn’t exposed to until college, and since then it has been my liquor of choice for pairing with barbecue and other meat dishes, to prepare brine for turkey, or to just enjoy on the rocks. (more…)

Key Lime Margarita

A key lime margarita is an easy, tasty cocktail to enjoy during the summer months!

Key Lime Margarita Recipe *

Quite a few years ago, I went through a brief period in time where I would actually stop flipping channels and watch “Real Housewives of Whatever” while I folded laundry. One of those days, watching a show from one of those cities, I happened to catch one of the housewives ordering a “skinny margarita”, which she explained was simply tequila, triple sec, and lime. She saved calories by skipping the mixers common in restaurant margaritas, and was still able to enjoy drinks with the girls. I was curious, so I asked the Godfather to make me one that evening, and since that day, we haven’t made margaritas with mixers. (more…)

Rosemary 75 Champagne Cocktail

A refreshing New Year's Eve Cocktail! Get the color changing Rosemary 75 champagne cocktail recipe on

Every day in our lives is reason for celebration, even the most challenging, because we are blessed to be alive. The closing of one year and beginning of the new is a great time to celebrate what has been and what will be, and what better way to do that than with a little bubbly? Inspired by the original French 75 cocktail, my Rosemary 75 Champagne cocktail recipe is definitely suited for any celebration!  (more…)

The Godfather’s Classic Mint Mojito


It's not summer without a classic mint mojito! Enjoy The Godfather's recipe for a classic and a non-alcoholic mint mojito! Recipe on

A man of many talents, the Godfather is not only our resident grill master and pit master, he is also the resident mixologist, creating cocktails and mocktails sure to delight. One of his specialties is the classic mint mojito – both the cocktail and mocktail (non-alcoholic) versions. In fact, the non-alcoholic mojito was the drink he mixed for me at parties while I was expecting our little one. Both versions (with and without) rum, are delicious! (more…)

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