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Guava Cheese Braided Bread

A favorite from my bakery days, guava cheese braided bread is a sweet braided bread filled with sweet guava and cream cheese – a classic Cuban flavor combination!

Guava Cheese Braided Bread is a Cuban twist on a brunch favorite! This easy sweet bread makes a lovely breakfast, snack, dessert, or neighbor gift! Get the recipe and a video tutorial on

This recipe is going up on the blog by request of one of my former bakery clients. Whenever I would have the guava cheese braided breads on the menu, she’d have me set at least one aside for her to pick up. As much as I love blogging, I do miss the lovely conversations and relationships I built at the farmer’s market with my little pink tent. So of course, when {S} requested that I share the recipe, I decided it would make it on the blog, because why not? I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the Goodie Godmother’s “vault” recipes. (more…)

Tres Leches Cake from Scratch

Make this tres leches cake from scratch for your next fiesta! A dessert beloved all over Latin America, this slightly cinnamon-spiced poke cake is always a hit!

Tres Leches Cake - Three Milks Cake - is an easy and popular poke cake in Latin America. Try this recipe and you'll see why! *

There is nothing quite like a really good tres leches cake. If you’ve never had tres leches cake, you need to remedy this. As someone who is just making this statistic up right now, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the most popular poke cake recipe in the world because so many different countries have their own slightly varied version. You’ll find tres leches cake in all sorts of restaurants, likely in your grocery store’s bakery section, and even at weddings. Do you know why? Because tres leches cake is that good.  (more…)

Yuca con Mojo

Yuca con mojo – yuca with mojo sauce – is a great substitute for a mashed potato dish. The yuca is satisfyingly starchy and delicious when topped with the garlicky onion-y mojo sauce. 

Yuca con Mojo - a delicious Cuban dish that makes a great alternative to potatoes! {vegan, gluten free, paleo friendly} *

Yuca con mojo is a dish you’ll find at almost any Cuban party and around the family dinner table at least a few times a month. Yuca, a starchy, inexpensive, and versatile edible root found in the Americas is a staple in the diet of many Caribbean and Latin American cultures. It’s slowly working its way into the mainstream American diet because it’s delicious. You can fry yuca, boil it, steam it, mash it, roast it… it’s like a potato without being a potato. My two favorite ways to enjoy it are fried and boiled with some mojo with extra garlic on the side.  (more…)

Cuban Style Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce is a fabulous garlicky green sauce that makes the flavor of so many dishes pop! Originally from Argentina, it is also found in other Latin American cuisines, like in many Cuban dishes, which is how I was first introduced to this versatile condiment.

Cuban Style Chimichurri Sauce - a garlicky, fresh-flavored condiment perfect to have on hand for a variety of dishes. Ready in minutes with the recipe on

The first time I recall having chimichurri, even though I know it wasn’t actually the first time, was after I took either the ACT or SAT my junior year of high school. My dad took me to the test, and then he took me out to a Cuban restaurant for lunch afterward. I ordered palomilla I think (a thin cut of steak), and it came with a side of chimichurri that seemed just magical after sitting through a standardized test. I don’t remember much about the test other than I did well enough not to worry about taking it again, and that I was annoyed at the kids who were super stressed. Oh, and the lights cast a rather yellowish tint in the classroom, which I didn’t like either. The lunch date with my daddy after was much appreciated, and I still distinctly remember the chimichurri sauce. It was amazing, and I vaguely remember telling my mom about it I think and wondering if we shouldn’t find some at the store. Only, store bought versions aren’t as good as this one, and chimichurri sauce can be made in literally less than 5 minutes at home.  (more…)

Cuban Coffee Truffles


Cuban Coffee Truffles - a perfect dessert recipe for coffee lovers!

I spent a lot of time thinking about this post. Not only is it the first of 2016, it kicks off a weekend of birthday celebrations for our family. I wanted this recipe to be relevant somehow to all this change and celebration, and the most fitting idea came to me in the form of Cuban coffee truffles. Truffles, with their creamy ganache center enrobed in rich chocolate, are a sweet meant to be savored with the richness of one being enough to evoke a smile. In a way, truffles teach us something about life. As I look back on the past year, and look forward to the new, I see how important it is to be present and mindful of those little moments in all aspects of our lives because each one, enjoyed individually, is what makes living sweet. (more…)

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