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How to Make Cake Pop Roses

The next level in edible arrangements, learn how to make cake pop roses with this easy to follow video tutorial! 

The next level in edible arrangements, learn how to make cake pop roses with this easy to follow video tutorial! *

Cake pops make people happy. They just look absolutely darling, and food on a stick is always better. One Valentine’s Day, when I still had my home bakery, I decided to offer cake pop roses as a holiday special. I had so much fun making them that when thinking about what to do for Valentine’s Day this year for the blog, I knew I should film a tutorial sharing how to make cake pop roses! Check out the video: (more…)

Painted Fall Leaves Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Decorating festive autumn sugar cookies is easy with my painted fall leaves sugar cookie tutorial. Using either royal icing or fondant as a base, learn how to paint sugar cookies to create vibrant and beautiful designs.

Painted Fall Leaves Sugar Cookie Tutorial * Video and Instructions on

Shortly before I closed the bakery,  I began this phase where I wanted to paint EVERYTHING! If there was a way I could work painting into a design, I would do it. I loved the look. Naturally, this happened right as I stopped taking orders and became a food blog, so I play with this technique mostly in my “free time”. I do use it for my cherry blossom cake tutorial which you can find here. The funny thing is, it took two years to post an autumn sugar cookie tutorial using the technique and I’m not sure why. But it’s here now, and Fall is practically here, so let’s decorate cookies!  (more…)

Star Wars Macarons: Chocolate Chili Macarons & Wild Orange Vanilla Bean

Whether you are for the First Order or a member of the Resistance, the Force is strong with these Star Wars macarons!

Whether you belong to the First Order or the Resistance, the Force is strong in these Star Wars Macarons! Recipes included for chili chocolate macarons and vanilla bean wild orange macarons. The post also contains a downloadable template for piping the macarons and making your stencils. This is a perfect Star Wars dessert for your favorite foodie. * 

I am typing this with just hours left on May 4 (May the Fourth be with you), but I couldn’t let today go by without something Star Wars related. It was too perfect! Of course, I didn’t realize this a week or so ago because this year has been such a blur so I literally made and shot the pictures for this post today, but no matter. It’s done! Maybe these macarons are a little late for this year’s May 4th celebration, but Episode VIII comes out later this year and we are READY!  (more…)

Cherry Blossom Cake Tutorial

Learn how to paint on buttercream frosting using two different techniques with my easy to follow cherry blossom cake tutorial!

Check out this cherry blossom cake tutorial to learn how to decorate a cherry blossom cake by painting on buttercream! Tutorial, FREE stencil printable, and video on

One of my absolute favorite things about spring in Northern Virginia is the cherry blossom trees. The blossoms are just gorgeous, and I don’t even have to trek to the District to enjoy beautiful blooms – we have a few trees right outside our condo. Of course, it is a beautiful sight to see the Basin in full bloom by the Jefferson Memorial, and we did head out there last year despite the crazy crowds. This year, the weather warmed up a bit early (hooray!), but that means peak bloom is in just a few days! Since we may not make it into DC to see this year’s blooms at their peak, I have created plenty of other ways to celebrate – like this cherry blossom cake tutorial!

WARNING: Picture overload ahead 😉 (more…)

How to Decorate a Rainbow Cake

A sprinkle-coated colorful cake makes a beautiful centerpiece dessert for a party. Learn how to decorate a rainbow cake like a pro with my easy-to-follow tutorial.

How to Decorate a Rainbow Cake with Sprinkles - The blog post and included video will show you my favorite method for covering a buttercream cake with an even layer of sprinkles. With easy to follow instructions, even a home baker can achieve professional results.

Rainbow cakes make me so happy, and it was one of my favorite designs to make with my home bakery. I actually started making them because I agreed to donate a cake to a silent auction for a local organization, and one of the ladies posted a pinterest picture of a layered rainbow cake. I offered to make it, but I knew I couldn’t just frost it in white, I had to make it special! The cake needed to be something fabulous and fun on the outside as well as the inside, so I covered it in sprinkles and piped little frosting stars up top. It was beautiful and did so well at the auction I had 3 additional cakes ordered the week after for future events, and the rainbow cake – decorated as pictured – became a Goodie Godmother signature. Now I’m going to show you how to decorate a rainbow cake so you can make one at home!  (more…)

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