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Perfect Chocolate Cake From Scratch

No boiling water required! This chocolate cake recipe bakes perfectly every time, and stays moist, even after two days in the refrigerator (I know… I just checked.)

No boiling water required! This PERFECT chocolate cake recipe is moist, rich, and most importantly... chocolaty! Part of the "perfect cakes from scratch" recipe collection only on

It’s time to have a serious discussion about chocolate cake. As a serious baker, I have made many many chocolate cakes, and until now, not one has been perfect. I’ve always meant to overhaul my recipe completely and get a perfect from scratch chocolate cake recipe down, but it wasn’t until this past December when I had a less than ideal result out of some variation on “the best chocolate cake recipe ever” that I finally had the “THAT’S IT!” moment. I put other cake flavors aside as I focused on creating the perfect chocolate cake recipe and recruited a test group that ate a pretty good amount of chocolate cake for me so I could get this right. Something like 8 or 10 cakes later (I lost track), I can confidently say that this is it.  (more…)

Chocolate Lava Cake {Guest Post}

Hello darlings! I’m thrilled to have my friend Meaghan from Cook.Craft.Love. here today to share one of her delicious, easy dessert recipes, and this one has me drooling! One thing that I really admire about Meaghan is her practicality in the kitchen. She wants good food without a huge time investment; but then again don’t we all? Be sure to stop by her site and show her a little pixie-dust love while you pick up some great easy meal ideas.


Chocolate Lava Cakes - Ready in less than an hour! A one-way ticket to chocolate nirvana

Hey Goodie Godmother readers! My name is Meaghan from Cook. Craft. Love. and I’m so excited Mary asked me here today to share this to die for and crazy easy recipe with you all!


Yellow Cake Recipe from Scratch


Super delicious yellow cake recipe from scratch! No box mix needed to make a moist vanilla cake, just this recipe on

Three years ago tomorrow, I put up the very first recipe on the Goodie Godmother blog. That means that three years ago today, I was setting up a website, picking out the garish pink polka dot background I used for ages, worrying about broken links in the menu, and probably wondering what in the world I was going to share first. I was so clueless. (more…)

S’mores Cheesecake

S'mores Cheesecake is a perfect anytime dessert. Love the creamy cheesecake topped with milk chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallow fluff. So so good!

There are always two kinds of kids around any campfire, the ones that like their marshmallows burnt to a crisp and light them on fire, an efficient way to cook so as to facilitate the consummation of as many s’mores as possible, and those that cautiously keep their marshmallow just outside the flames, waiting, turning, watching carefully until the outside is just the perfect shade of golden brown. Which were you? (more…)

Orange Curd

Citrus curd without the pucker, this orange curd recipe reminds me of a creamsicle. Recipe on

I heard a radio DJ yesterday listing off four or five words that women hate to hear in conversation. I agreed with a few, because they’re just awkward words to used outside of very specific situations, but curd was on the list and I’m not sure why. Do people use the word curd outside of describing foods like cheese curd, lemon curd, lime curd, and the topic of today’s post – orange curd? How would you even do that? There was no mention of curdle the verb, just curd, the noun. I just don’t understand how this could make the list of top five words women don’t like.  (more…)

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