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Breakfast Jalapeño Poppers

Game day watch party food can be a challenge when your team is in a different time zone. Incorporate traditional tailgate foods with a morning twist when you add breakfast jalapeño poppers to the menu! 

Breakfast Jalapeño Poppers - The perfect baked jalapeño popper recipe for morning football games... or breakfast lovers! * Breakfast jalapeno poppers recipe on

The Godfather and I follow our college football team each year. It’s our alma mater, where we met, got engaged, and were both members of the marching band. I played clarinet and convinced him to join the drum line for a year where he played cymbals since that was all he could play with no musical experience. I make his life interesting. When we moved to California, we found ourselves facing a bit of a conundrum for early football games. When we could catch a University of Miami football game on television, the times would seem a bit funny. A 12 noon game would start at 9 in the morning, closer to the start of our day (before children) than lunch time. It felt strange to serve “traditional” tailgate foods for game watch snacks, so we got creative!  (more…)

Painted Fall Leaves Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Decorating festive autumn sugar cookies is easy with my painted fall leaves sugar cookie tutorial. Using either royal icing or fondant as a base, learn how to paint sugar cookies to create vibrant and beautiful designs.

Painted Fall Leaves Sugar Cookie Tutorial * Video and Instructions on

Shortly before I closed the bakery,  I began this phase where I wanted to paint EVERYTHING! If there was a way I could work painting into a design, I would do it. I loved the look. Naturally, this happened right as I stopped taking orders and became a food blog, so I play with this technique mostly in my “free time”. I do use it for my cherry blossom cake tutorial which you can find here. The funny thing is, it took two years to post an autumn sugar cookie tutorial using the technique and I’m not sure why. But it’s here now, and Fall is practically here, so let’s decorate cookies!  (more…)

Honey Grilled Fresh Figs with Whipped Goat Cheese

Fresh figs are available for two short seasons each year – June and then August through October. Make the most of the season and experiment with easy, impressive recipes like these honey grilled fresh figs with whipped goat cheese!

Honey Grilled Figs with Whipped Goat Cheese and Balsamic Glaze - a foodie appetizer ready in just minutes. It's a must-make for fig season! *

Bless the Godfather’s patience for walking around a grocery store with me. The produce section is especially dangerous as when I spot things I’m particularly fond of, like Brussels sprouts and fresh figs, I will happy dance and cheer out loud before I can stop myself. This situation played out rather recently when I spotted a box of fresh figs at one of the local markets and I had to have it! It was a two pound box, and I ate most fresh. I used the blog as an excuse to bring so many home though, so I needed to actually make a recipe. I ate these honey grilled figs too. They were so easy, and so delicious, I will make these for at least one party this year. Perhaps more. (more…)

No Churn Apple Pie Ice Cream

My no churn apple pie ice cream is a fabulous, easy recipe for you to enjoy fall flavors even if the weather is a bit too warm for boots and sweaters.

No Churn Apple Pie Ice Cream - a fabulous fall ice cream flavor you can make, even without an ice cream machine! * Recipe on

I know that technically the first day of fall is a few days away, but given that Labor Day has come and gone, college football season has begun, and school started for everyone, it should be fall, right? The local weather didn’t get the memo as the temperatures have topped 90 degrees just about every day this week. At least the community pools are still open. But even if it were cooler, I’d still probably whip up a batch of this no churn apple pie ice cream because it’s that good. And easy. This entire recipe was ready for the freezer in just a few minutes – under 30, and that includes cooking my own apple pie filling!  (more…)

Maple Bacon Doughnuts

Sweet and salty are a wonderful combination and make these maple bacon doughnuts a treat that won’t last long!

Sweet and salty are a wonderful combination and make these maple bacon doughnuts a treat that won't last long! Recipe on

I’m getting a little antsy to start posting the fall recipes, clearly. I have a few summer-ish recipes still coming, but the weather is starting to show the first signs of cooling (some days) and college football just started. So… fall flavors it is! And from the looks of it, maple bacon is an any season flavor for many of you. Then there’s the crazy deliciousness that is the homemade doughnut, and lots of people are off today, so you even have time to make this! Forget burgers, let’s celebrate with maple bacon doughnuts! (more…)

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