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Whole Wheat Apple Muffins

Whole wheat apple muffin recipe. This makes really delicious, moist muffins with LOADS of fresh apples! Recipe on

A friend of mine messaged me a few weeks ago to ask if I had a good apple muffin recipe, because her tree is producing a lot of apples this year, but she hadn’t yet found an apple muffin recipe with enough apple to suit her tastes, and was hoping I’d have a different option for her to try. I did not, but I do now… I hope you like it {S}! (more…)

Super Easy Pizza Dough Recipe

Super easy make-ahead pizza dough using your food processor! Recipe on

Let’s all make a promise not to buy pizza dough anymore, okay? It’s just too easy to make at home, and you can even make it in advance and freeze it for later. Just save the $4 or whatever they charge for the pre-made stuff and treat yourself to a latte or good chocolate bar or something. (more…)

Peach Green Smoothie

Healthy peach green smoothie recipe. #vegan #dairyfree #greensmoothie
A few weeks ago, we went peach picking at a local farm and picked over 22 lbs of peaches. I used some for sweet recipes, like my Peach Hand Pies, and the Godfather requested another round of Peach Cobbler, but most of the peaches we didn’t eat immediately went into our freezer, and will likely all be used over the next few months making smoothies. I love the convenience of frozen fruit for making healthy smoothies because I want creamy smoothies that feel a little more milkshake than slushie juice, and I don’t want to use too much ice. (more…)

Cheesy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Do you know why people love broccoli cheese soup? Because it’s cheesy and thick and comforting. Do you know what most of the recipes I’ve tried online aren’t? Cheesy and thick, so they can’t be comforting. I have tried *many* recipes, copycat recipes, big name blogger recipes, major food site recipes, little food blogger recipes, and couldn’t find “the one”. I wanted that recipe that was going to give me the broccoli CHEESE soup I was looking for, but you know what they say… if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So I did, and now I’m sharing with you so you don’t have to be disappointed by thin broccoli cheese soup recipes either. (more…)

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