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Easy Ferrero Rocher Cannoli Cups

Easy Ferrero Rocher cannoli cups – a cute mini dessert recipe that comes together in just a few minutes. This recipe is inspired by two desserts we enjoy, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and cannoli. 

Easy Ferrero Rocher Cannoli Cups - This easy bite size dessert comes together in just a few minutes and is always a hit at parties! * Recipe on

This is one of those almost accidental recipes. I really intended to make Nutella cannoli, and spent hours researching and testing for a “perfect” cannoli filling so I could create a cannoli to make the Godfather proud. My husband loves a good cannoli. Unfortunately, my cannoli shell-making skills are spotty at best. BUT, I did discover how to make an ah-mazing cannoli filling, and when the shells burst, decided to make these super easy cannoli cups instead inspired by the Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Given how quickly they disappeared, I’d say they’re a huge success! (more…)

Papaya Creme Brulee

Turn up the heat on summer puddings by adding tropical flavors and a blowtorch when you make this papaya creme brulee!

Papaya Creme Brulee - A delicious make ahead dessert with just the right hint of fresh papaya flavor! * Recipe on

Growing up, my mother would buy papaya periodically at the grocery store and encourage us to eat it because it’s loaded with vitamins. It was good, but being spoiled Floridian children with easy access to all sorts of fruit, I think my mother ended up eating most of it. Fast forward a few decades, and I’m turning into my mother, buying papaya, encouraging everyone in the house to eat it, but actually enjoying most of it myself. That last bit is totally my choice. 😉  (more…)

Chimichurri Deviled Eggs

No mayonnaise needed for this deviled egg recipe! Chimichurri deviled eggs are a unique deviled egg recipe perfect for parties and packed with loads of flavor and healthy fats! 

Chimichurri deviled egg recipe - a unique and flavorful deviled egg recipe with NO mayo that everyone loved!

It’s no secret that I grew up in the South… Florida… which is a funny mix of Southern and international influences, resulting in a very unique culture blend, especially when it comes to potluck parties! I noticed this most at church potlucks and picnics. We would usually bring a rice dish or salad, something easy for my mom to make with 3 girls around, and there would be the usual assortment of potluck dishes, and then at least 3 trays of deviled eggs. I loved them, and couldn’t wait to try each version.

Most people just brought a basic deviled egg, some would make them with the canned deviled ham, but sometimes, you’d see a version that was a little more unique. As an adult, my love of deviled eggs hasn’t diminished, and I recently set about actually writing down my basic recipe and creating a few fun variations to share. The chimichurri deviled eggs were the hands down top favorite among the few families I had test for me.  (more…)

Delicious Game Day Recipe Roundup!

Get ready to host any game day party with this collection of 30+ different game day recipes by some of my favorite food bloggers!

Planning a party for a big sporting event? I have some wonderful recipes right here on the Goodie Godmother site, but we all know variety is the spice of life or something like that, right? In the spirit of variety, I’ve curated a list of over 30 recipes from the food blogging world that caught my attention this month. The list includes everything from dips, to wings, rollups, and more.

Just click on any picture that interests you in the photo collages below and you’ll be directed to the recipe site. The maps can be a little odd on mobile sites, so I’ve also included text links below each image collage. 🙂 Enjoy, darlings! (more…)

Crab Jalapeno Popper Dip

The best crab jalapeno popper dip I've tried! Super cheesy with just the right amount of crab and kick - a perfect easy party appetizer. Recipe on

If regions of the United States were to be described in dips, this one would be the mid-Atlantic. Cheesy, with a mild kick, crab seasoning, and of course, a generous serving of crab baked right in, this crab jalapeno popper dip has football party written all over it. I’m really bad at following professional football if we’re going to be honest, but I do love a good dip at a halftime show party (that’s why you watch the big games too).  (more…)

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