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Southern Style Potato Salad

A classic at picnics and barbecues, this Southen style potato salad recipe is a simple dish, easily customized, and great to feed a crowd! 

Southern Style Potato Salad - A summer picnic classic, this easy salad is loaded with flavor and always one of the most popular dishes at any meal! * Recipe on

Fourth of July weekend was definitely all about potato salad at our house. My baby sister and dad were both in town visiting, and they are the family potato salad lovers, so I decided to make versions for each of them! My dad absolutely love the Spanish potato salad (ensalada Rusa), so I made one for him (recipe coming soon), but my sister and her husband prefer to keep it American classic and they like the Southern style potato salad – the kind with eggs, and a mixture of mustard and mayo in the dressing. So for a barbecue with 6 adults and 1 child, we had 2 different potato salads (ha!).  (more…)

Mango Bundt Cake

Summer tea time calls for a mango bundt cake loaded with fresh pieces of mango. Not too sweet and easy to make, this was made for lazy afternoons and iced tea. 

summer mango cake recipe

I’ve been into mango flavors this summer, specifically, a mango iced tea I tried at a local restaurant, which inspired me to buy mangoes at the store with no real plan. So why not make a cake? I was inspired by a Miami Mango Cake listed in one of my cookbooks, but that wasn’t the recipe I wanted to make. First of all, it had a ton of fall flavors, and I just can’t see combining fall spices with mango for a summer cake. Second, it was a frosted cake, and I wanted the mango flavor to really shine. Finally, I was making a ton of iced tea and wanted a good snack cake to serve with. So, mango bundt cake was really my only option, right?  (more…)

Hawaiian Inspired Root Beer Sticky Ribs

Inspired by a dish we tried at a local Hawaiian restaurant, The Godfather created grilled root beer sticky ribs! With an addicting sweet and spicy flavor, this is a great unique grilling recipe to try. 

Sticky, saucy, sweet and spicy, these Hawaiian-inspired root beer sticky ribs are a crowd pleaser! * Recipe on

While we lived in California, we had the opportunity to try casual Hawaiian food. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of how Cuban food is plated for lunch in South Florida: every meal comes with white rice, food is served in white Styrofoam plate containers, and while very tasty, you will likely need to cancel your afternoon plans. Actually, it’s not all that different from your “meat-and-three” plate lunches in the South as well. What the Godmother and I really enjoyed about Hawaiian food best though, was sharing the experience with the Godmother’s baby sister, who would request a trip to eat Hawaiian every time she came to visit. (more…)

Grilled Pound Cake Sundae

A grilled pound cake sundae is an easy summer dessert you assemble rather than bake, so you can enjoy delicious summer flavors with minimal effort!

Grilled Pound Cake Sundaes - This is how I make dessert for 8 people in 10 minutes or less. * Recipe on

Ya’ll know I love (love) my complicated and detailed desserts. I love baking breads, making pastry, decorating cakes, etc… but in the summer, I ease up a bit. Maybe it’s because the weather is nicer so the Godfather is at the grill more often, or maybe because we spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather, but I’m always on the lookout for simpler desserts. Since it’s #CookoutWeek, I couldn’t let the week pass without sharing one of my favorite crazy easy grilled desserts, grilled pound cake. (more…)

Crispy Tofu Tacos

When everyone in the house kept walking past sneaking tofu bits BEFORE we assembled the crispy tofu tacos, I knew this vegan taco recipe was a winner!

Crispy Tofu Tacos - Vegan, but totally omnivore approved! Recipe on

Full disclosure, we made this recipe two weekends in a row once I decided to add it to the blog because there wasn’t enough tofu available to take pictures after the first round. This is how good we find these tacos. I feel the need to stress this because 1. I know some of you got this glazed look in your eyes when you read the word “tofu”, and 2. If you haven’t had particularly good tofu, you might be a bit wary of trying another recipe. I get it, but trust me, if the Godfather told me he’d gladly eat these whenever I make them, this is one tofu recipe worth making. (more…)

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