Doctor Who Wedding Cookies Tutorial
How to make Doctor Who wedding cookies, featuring the couple's name in Gallifreyan.
  • Materials:
  • 1 #1 frosting tip
  • 2 #2 frosting tips
  • 1 stiff square tip paintbrush (dedicated for food use only)
  • 1 angled tipped paintbrush to paint on gold accents (dedicated for food use only)
  • 1 soft paintbrush for dusting
  • gold luster dust
  • lemon extract or other clear extract
  • 2 piping bags
  • scribe tool or toothpicks
  • craft film for making your pattern (I have this one)
  • pearl luster dust to add shimmer
  • Edible materials:
  • white royal icing, medium stiff consistency
  • navy royal icing, flood consistency
  • round sugar cookies
  1. I didn't specify quantities of royal icing or sugar cookie size, because that is up to you as the decorator. For this post, I used cookies that were 3" across. While a good size, I wouldn't go any smaller so you can maintain the details of the Gallifreyan when you transfer the design.
  2. Start by creating a backdrop on your cookies using the flood consistency navy royal icing. If you'd like, leave enough room, as I did, to add a border. Be sure to scale your transfer pattern accordingly!
  3. At some point while the cookies are drying (6-8 hours at least, you'll need them to be very dry), go to the English/Gallifreyan translator I linked to in the post and get your translation. You'll need to write out the "and" if you're doing as I did and writing "Name and Name". You may also choose to write out just the couple's new last name. Take a screenshot and use your favorite photo editing program to scale the image to the correct size for your cookie. Print, and trace over the design onto your craft film. I prefer to use a sturdy craft film to transfer a design using pressure/scratching than tissue paper (another common method), because the stencil (for me) seems to last through a greater number of cookies.
  4. When the cookies are dry, set your stencil on top of the navy icing (ink side up) and, using your scribe tool or other sharp metal object, scratch over the design with enough pressure that it transfers lightly to the cookie beneath. If your icing isn't very dry, you'll crack it, so have patience and plan ahead.
  5. Trace over the scratched design with your medium/stiff (writing consistency) white icing and a #1 tip.
  6. Feel free to make the border design whatever you choose. I made some dots and some edges using a single line of brush embroidery. To create the brush embroidery look, pipe a line against a section of your royal icing circle with stiff white icing and a #2 tip. Use a slightly damp (not wet) stiff square tipped paintbrush and gently brush out the line to the edge of the cookie. Repeat until you've gone around the entire cookie. Let the border and Gallifreyan writing dry before continuing.
  7. To add gold painted accents, mix a little bit of the gold luster dust and a drop or two of lemon extract on a plate until you have a smooth paint. Never mix in the main luster dust container! Paint over the parts of the cookie where you'd like to add gold accents. I chose to add the accents over the border and no where else. Allow to dry, but this dries in a few minutes.
  8. Finish the cookies with a light dusting of dry super pearl luster dust using your soft dusting brush.
  9. Package the cookies individually and store in an airtight container up to a week.
Recipe by Goodie Godmother at