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Easy Patriotic Bark

This easy patriotic bark is a great recipe to make with the kids or when you’re short on time before a big holiday barbecue! 

This fireworks inspired bark is a simple no bake dessert perfect to make with kids for any patriotic holiday. * How-to and video on

I really wanted to make a fireworks inspired dessert for 4th of July this year, and I had grand plans regarding cakes with hand painted details, or sugar cookies, cupcakes… something that required me turning on my oven and time that never actually materialized. Instead, I found myself wandering the aisles of my local craft store when I spotted some blue and red edible glitter sprinkles, and the idea for a “fireworks” bark was born! (more…)

Chocolate Cherry Banana Ice Cream

Chocolate Cherry Banana Ice Cream reminds me of a certain iconic ice cream flavor, with fewer calories, no dairy, and no added sugar!

A unique banana ice cream flavor inspired by Cherry Garcia! This chocolate cherry banana ice cream is easy to make, soft straight out of the freezer, and is a "clean eating" dessert! *

Have you tried banana ice cream yet? Unless you’ve been living under a rock (like me), you probably have, and fallen in love with it. I think I’ve had it maybe 1-2 times before, but as someone who prefers to use frozen bananas in smoothies, I just never thought about using them for ice cream, not even when I did my Whole 30. In case you’re wondering, you aren’t supposed to have banana ice cream on a Whole 30 anyway. But back to the point of this story and how this recipe came to be… (more…)

Chocolate Coconut Crazy 8 Cake

With no butter, milk, or eggs, this chocolate coconut crazy 8 cake is my variation on the popular one pot style depression cake! You mix and bake all in one pan and the resulting cake is super moist, delicious, and made extra special with a vegan chocolate ganache topping! 

Chocolate Coconut Crazy 8 Cake - A one pan cake with no eggs, milk, or butter. Mix and bake in the same pan! This recipe is extra decadent with a vegan ganache topping. *

I may (or may not) have mentioned before that I’m part of a recipe club where we get together once a month, cook dishes based on some theme, and then eat them and share the recipes. If I haven’t sorry. If I have, then can I just encourage you to get some friends together and start one? I think the idea hearkens back to the 1950s or so – at least that’s the decade I picture when I think of recipe clubs – and it’s so much fun! We always end up having a wonderful time together and the food is delicious! In fact, this cake is from one of my recipe club meetings. (more…)

Easy Neapolitan Milkshake

It takes just a few minutes (and only 1 flavor of ice cream) to make this delicious and easy Neapolitan milkshake. Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate make the perfect treat on a hot day! 

Easy Neapolitan Milkshake - 3 classic flavors blend perfectly in this layered old fashioned milkshake recipe. *

In second grade, my teacher used to hold ice cream parties each Friday if the class accomplished certain goals that week. We looked forward to it all week, and it was an extra exciting week if we got Neapolitan ice cream because you could ask for three flavors in one scoop! Of course, my friends and I always waited until it melted a bit and then mixed it up to make a thick “ice cream soup”, so I’m not sure why it was so exciting, but it was, and the idea of three flavors in one sip was the inspiration behind this easy Neapolitan milkshake!  (more…)

Chocolate Coffee Stout Beer Cookies

Think everything is better with beer? These chocolate coffee stout beer cookies are soft, have just the perfect hint of beer flavor balanced with the right amount of coffee and chocolate.

Soft chocolate coffee stout beer cookies are the perfect treat for a beer lover! The beer taste is just right and blends perfectly with the chocolate. *

I started baking with beer innocently enough, making cupcakes for Saint Patrick’s Day like just about everyone does. Then I branched out a bit and made some beer macarons from time to time when I had the bakery (I’ll get a recipe up at some point, promise), but it wasn’t something I did very often. In fact, these cookies weren’t really planned, they were an accidental inspiration after I couldn’t find the cherry chocolate stout we tried at a beer tasting and I *needed* to get some to make macarons, flourless chocolate cake, and cupcakes.  (more…)

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