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The Fairy Tale: About Us

Hi! My name is Mary, and I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit! One of my favorite places to be is my kitchen because I love to create all sorts of delicious dishes and share them. I love to make dessert, so to balance my sweet tooth, I try to keep most of our savory dishes clean and healthy with an emphasis on whole, fresh foods. You’ll find all sorts of recipes on Goodie Godmother… even a few written by my husband, aka “The Godfather”. The man knows his way around a grill and so you’ll see him on the site periodically sharing his specialties.

The Goodie Godmother website is a fun side project for us. The Godfather works a demanding full time job, and I am a wife and mother first. I am incredibly grateful that you are here and for the opportunity to share recipes with you as this season of life allows.

10 Fun Facts about Me:

  • I never went to culinary school. My parents never saw it as an option, and so I went to the university instead to study engineering, then mathematics – taking more advanced courses than any liberal arts alum in the history of ever, I’m sure. Afterwards, I continued my education to get my MBA at a smaller liberal arts university, while building my first business (a dance studio actually!).
  • The very first thing I baked for the Godfather was a Snickers cake for his birthday the year we started dating.
  • I like caramel more than chocolate.
  • I often quadruple the suggested amount of garlic in a recipe.
  • I’m clumsy but I love high heel shoes. At least 80% of my shoe closet consists of heels.
  • My favorite purse is a Kate Spade the Godfather bought me in “Godmother” pink.
  • I never use my phone calendar to plan anything, my schedule and to do list goes in an old-school paper planner.
  • I’m really quite shy until you start talking to me or ask me to speak to a crowd.
  • The Godfather and I never order our own dessert, we always share.

The Rest of “The Family”

These are my people… there’s my favorite partner in crime, The Godfather (L), Princess A, and Princess H. Our fur baby, Princess Dolce isn’t pictured here.

So What Kind of Recipes Do You Create? 

All kinds! The food on the blog is inspired by our life, our travel, friends, and family traditions.

Which Pages Should I Visit First?

I love to bake so there’s plenty of dessert, but we balance everything with a healthy dose of clean eating, some vegan recipes, and even a few gluten free recipes. The Godfather’s recipes are primarily focus on barbecue.

A Brief History of Goodie Godmother (including the story behind the name)

The kitchen has always been my happy place.

The kitchen has always been my happy place.

2003 – The Godfather and I, then undergrad students at the University of Miami,  started dating. After a few months, when “my” future plans turned into “our” future plans, we would talk about opening a coffee shop/bakery one day after we retired from our respective careers. The bakery had no name, but he would take care of coffee and I would bake, and we would become “that” neighborhood place everyone loved. Since retirement was clearly far off, the idea remained on our “someday dreams” shelf.

2012 – The name “Goodie Godmother” was bestowed upon me by a co-worker at the time. I would often bake sweet treats and leave them in the office kitchen for the others to enjoy. Said co-worker was expecting her very first little princess and we all know growing sweet little princesses need sweet things. When this co-worker walked in to the kitchen and saw the treats she exclaimed, “I was hoping you’d baked today Mary! You’re like my Goodie Godmother!” The name stuck, and from that day forward, I started signing all my treats “Love, Goodie Godmother”. I told the Godfather about the name (and his new moniker by default) and it went into our “someday bakery” file.

2013 – California legalized home bakeries. I was at the health department the first day they opened to register and on January 3, 2013, the Goodie Godmother bakery in its first form was born. I poured my heart into it and my little dream grew into a full time job. I met so many wonderful people, baked for so many beautiful events, and felt very blessed to do what I loved, even with a well over 40-hour/week workweek.

2014 – Goodie Godmother grew to the point I was shopping for commercial space, but God had other plans for our little family, which had just grown by two little feet.2014-01-07 16.27.30

A job opportunity for the Godfather opened in Virginia and we moved across the country late that summer. I contemplated opening the bakery again, but decided to focus on the blog instead. I actually began the blog back in 2012 but it remained sorely neglected because the bakery was so busy. This move felt like the right opportunity to build my beautiful little blog as I had envisioned.

Present day – I craft recipes, work on taking better photographs, dream bigger, play, and share.

I Love It! I need more pixie dust in my life!

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… everything’s better with love and a sprinkle of pixie dust!

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