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Ensaladilla Rusa – Spanish Potato Salad

Ensaladilla Rusa, also called Ensalada Rusa, or just Spanish potato salad, is a favorite Spanish dish. * Recipe on

Ensaladilla Rusa, also called Ensalada Rusa, or just Spanish potato salad, is a favorite Spanish dish.  I made this dish for my Daddy. Today is his birthday and so it seemed fitting to share Ensaladilla Rusa on the blog. When my parents visited last summer, we had a barbecue. The visit coincided with Fourth of July, and when it’s summer (or winter, or anytime really) and the Godfather has time,…

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Asian Tuna Sliders

Easy Asian Tuna sliders topped with a creamy Asian slaw are a unique slider recipe ready in minutes! *

It’s time for another episode of “Things that Make Us Smile”! In this one, we’ll talk about mini foods, and Asian Tuna Sliders, because both definitely make us smile. Finger foods are always a favorite for parties and people with hands of all sizes. They’re fun in the way foods on a stick are fun, and mini sandwiches are very very fun. Asian tuna sliders will make us smile because…

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Avocado Tuna BLTs

Avocado Tuna BLTs - skip the mayo, but still enjoy everything about a tuna BLT in this better-for-you spin on a classic lunch sandwich. #OnlyAlbacore #CG #ad

Do you know why I love back to school? Not only is there my love of shopping for cute school supplies, but I also get loads of lunch inspiration. Even before I had a little one, I would look at all the healthy lunch ideas, borrowing accordingly for the office. Traditional lunch combinations can get boring! To keep things exciting, I look for ways to combine nutritious ingredients in new ways, and inspiration is…

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Spicy Tuna Wraps

Get your spicy tuna fix in minutes with this easy spicy tuna wraps recipe! *

I’m a tiny bit in love with wraps. There’s something about circular food that makes me happy, and sometimes a square or rectangular sandwich just doesn’t cut it. Especially when you love lots of veggies in your sandwich, like me, but all the fillings fall all over the place if you’re clumsy, like me. Wraps solve this problem in one beautiful, hand held solution, so naturally I’m always trying out…

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