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How to Make a Mermaid Smash Cake

Learn how to make a buttercream MERMAID smash cake perfect for first birthday photos! Blog post includes plenty of helpful tips, even for beginners, and a video.

One of my favorite things ever is celebrating first birthdays! I love love love love to make smash cakes, and have made no secret of this to all my friends with babies. I’m rather shameless about it actually. Anyway, my friend Tara’s little girl turned 1 recently and Tara asked me to make a mermaid smash cake for her mermaid theme first birthday photos. Tara blogs at An Aiming High Wife, so you may have already read some of her posts about her party prep. Today, I’m finally sharing my easy cake decorating tutorial with you so you can make your own mermaid smash cake!  (more…)

Cupcake Decorating Tutorial: Realistic Buttercream Roses for Cupcakes

CUPCAKE DECORATING TUTORIAL: Realistic Buttercream Roses - Beautiful, easy, and the post includes a video so you'll be making beautiful cupcakes in no time!

One of my favorite designs to pipe onto a cupcake is the frosting rose. It’s beautiful, versatile, and always makes a stunning presentation. Not too long ago, I posted my fresh orange cake and orange curd frosting recipe, and I decorated the cupcakes using frosting roses because this was the exact recipe and design I used for a friend’s daughter’s birthday cake recently and it just felt like the right thing to do. Isn’t it so pretty?  (more…)

Doctor Who Wedding Cookies Tutorial

Doctor Who Wedding Cookies Tutorial - The perfect favor or dessert table addition for a Doctor Who wedding, customized with the couple's names in Gallifreyan. Get the tutorial on

When you want to celebrate a love that will last through all of time and space, why would you have anything but a Doctor Who themed wedding? But if you search Doctor Who wedding ideas on le internets, you find a lot of suggestions for attire, cake (like my TARDIS cake!), bow ties and blue decorations, but not enough of the little unique personal details I so adore in weddings. (more…)

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake - Learn how to assemble the perfect ice cream cake at home, and customize it with an edible cookie dough recipe. *

I told myself I wouldn’t do cliche food blogger things like post cakes on my birthday, but the reality is, summer is coming to a close, and my editorial calendar told me that ice cream cake needed to come before stuffed eggplants (a family recipe!).

But this is not my birthday cake. In fact, it was out of the house before my birthday, and I’m not actually going to have a birthday cake because I usually don’t. Last year we were traveling and I think we had ice cream in our hotel, and the year before, we made Key Lime Cheesecake. I can never decide on a cake flavor. So I’m thinking my birthday dessert will be a last minute decision later today between ice cream or frozen yogurt, making a quick batch of baked doughnuts, or blueberries. (more…)

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