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Oatmeal Scones Two Ways

Oatmeal Scones Two Ways - Recipes for ham and cheese oatmeal scones and chocolate chip oatmeal scones. These are great to make in advance and freeze for easy, heat and go breakfasts later! *

It feels like summer started 5 minutes ago, and yet here I am making sure all the school supplies are ready for Princess A’s first year of pre-school. To the seasoned parents, this may not seem like much, but two days a week is a big step for us. I’m so excited for this new chapter. I’ve always loved back to school preparations! To get in the spirit and help us manage busy mornings a bit better, I decided to whip up two batches of oatmeal scones – one savory and one sweet – for quick and easy breakfasts or after school snacks.  (more…)

Pretzel Bites with Green Chili Cheddar and Mustard Dipping Sauces

No matter what the occasion, pretzel bites are a hit at parties! They’re easier to make than you’d think, and you can get creative with dips! You’ll definitely want to add my pretzel bites with green chili cheddar and mustard dipping sauces to your next party menu. 

Pretzel bites are the perfect snack food! Easier to make than you'd think, you'll definitely want to add these pretzel bites with green chili cheddar and mustard dipping sauces to your next party menu. * Recipe on

This recipe came about in an interesting way… book club! The book club I’m in meets during the school year at various local restaurants to talk about our book for the month and socialize. One of our stops was – not kidding – the restaurant/bar at a local hotel. A book club member had been before, and was raving about the beer cheese fries. I am always up for the chance to try a good fried potato dish, as are most of the ladies, so we went for that month’s meeting. Before we got to the fry portion of the evening, two of the ladies ordered a pretzel appetizer to share. The pretzels came with two dipping sauces, a cheese sauce (naturally), and this mustard sauce that had everyone raving! They even asked for more to add to their main course later. *ahem* The fries. These are the perks of adulthood people. (more…)

Guava Cheese Braided Bread

A favorite from my bakery days, guava cheese braided bread is a sweet braided bread filled with sweet guava and cream cheese – a classic Cuban flavor combination!

Guava Cheese Braided Bread is a Cuban twist on a brunch favorite! This easy sweet bread makes a lovely breakfast, snack, dessert, or neighbor gift! Get the recipe and a video tutorial on

This recipe is going up on the blog by request of one of my former bakery clients. Whenever I would have the guava cheese braided breads on the menu, she’d have me set at least one aside for her to pick up. As much as I love blogging, I do miss the lovely conversations and relationships I built at the farmer’s market with my little pink tent. So of course, when {S} requested that I share the recipe, I decided it would make it on the blog, because why not? I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the Goodie Godmother’s “vault” recipes. (more…)

Whole Wheat Crumpets

Whole wheat crumpets get a bit more fiber from wheat flour, and honey adds a little twist to this surprisingly easy bread recipe! It’s freezer friendly and easy to follow so even newer bread bakers can achieve delicious results. 

Whole wheat crumpets are a delicious bread you can make at home! Perfect for new bread bakers. *

I tried making crumpets once, years and years ago, and it didn’t turn out right, so I just bought them. That is, until I stumbled across my friend Brian’s recipe on his blog, Krumpli. Random side note, krumpli means potato in Hungarian, a friend of mine taught me that the other day. I have a soft spot for trying recipes based on childhood memories, and reading his crumpet story, I knew I had to make them. I also knew the results would be different than last time because he worked on his recipe until it matched his memory. And that, my dears, usually indicates a wonderful recipe.  (more…)

Chai Banana Muffins

Whole wheat chai banana muffins are a delicious and easy to bake breakfast or brunch treat. They’re even freezer friendly so you can grab and go anytime!

I was going to start this post telling you how I made these muffins after forgetting to separate a bunch of bananas after bringing them home from the store, causing them to ripen at once and requiring me to use them. But then I remembered a more interesting story that still baffles me. Last year, we went on a day trip to the National Harbor with friends and there was a “farmer’s market” set up in the middle of the pedestrian area. Cool, right? Only a stand that had a sign about “local produce” was selling bananas. BANANAS. In Virginia… in August… bless.  (more…)

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