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Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes

The best gluten free vanilla cupcakes I’ve tried – recipe tested and approved with rave reviews by those who eat gluten. The texture is incredible, and there are NO gums. 

You won't believe these are gluten free vanilla cupcakes! My favorite recipe so far, and the best part is that it contains NO gums. Get the recipe on

I’ve toyed with a gluten free cake recipe for a while now, but a friend finally provided the necessary motivation to perfect my recipe. Her little girl was celebrating her first birthday, and I – once again – volunteered myself to make her a little smash cake. And I told her it would be gluten free. The family lives nearby, so I send them cake fairly often, but Mama only gets to eat the frosting since she was rather recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance. No fun.  (more…)

Red Velvet Cake

Perfect Red Velvet Cake Recipe FROM SCRATCH! Just the right hint of chocolate with a kick, it's everything you'd want from a classic Southern red velvet. Bakes perfectly as a layer cake or cupcakes with no modification. Recipe on

This is my perfect red velvet cake recipe. It’s the best red velvet cake I’ve tried, and it’s most definitely *not* chocolate cake with red food coloring, because that, my darlings, is *not* red velvet cake contrary to what I have heard/seen in my life outside the South. Bless. The mark of a really good red velvet cake is a slight tang from vinegar and buttermilk, just the right hint of chocolate, and an incredibly moist, but not super dense, crumb. This recipe is all of that, and I’ve used it for years as both a layer cake and cupcake recipe with incredible results each and every bake.  (more…)

Cupcake Decorating Tutorial: Realistic Buttercream Roses for Cupcakes

CUPCAKE DECORATING TUTORIAL: Realistic Buttercream Roses - Beautiful, easy, and the post includes a video so you'll be making beautiful cupcakes in no time!

One of my favorite designs to pipe onto a cupcake is the frosting rose. It’s beautiful, versatile, and always makes a stunning presentation. Not too long ago, I posted my fresh orange cake and orange curd frosting recipe, and I decorated the cupcakes using frosting roses because this was the exact recipe and design I used for a friend’s daughter’s birthday cake recently and it just felt like the right thing to do. Isn’t it so pretty?  (more…)

Orange Cake Recipe From Scratch & Orange Frosting Recipe

Naturally flavored orange cupcakes and orange frosting from scratch! Recipe on

I’ve been a full time blogger, as opposed to a full-time baker who happened to have a blog, for a little over a year now, and I’ve discovered a few things. One, I really love blogging. I have free reign to create in the kitchen, and short of being an executive chef, few culinary jobs allow that sort of freedom. And two, I love being able to share recipes.  (more…)

Raspberry Buttercream Frosting

The perfect buttercream for decorating, this raspberry buttercream recipe uses fresh raspberries for a not-too-sweet flavor equally pleasing to kids and adults! Recipe on

Last week I posted a recipe for almond cake from scratch, and I frosted it with a creamy, crusting raspberry buttercream made with fresh raspberries. It was such a delicious combination, and I’m glad Tara at An Aiming High Wife requested the recipe! I think the last time I had almond cake and raspberry together was when we were cake tasting for our wedding almost 10 years ago.  (more…)

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