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Appetizers & Party Snacks/ Sauces and Condiments

Black Garlic Hummus

With a rich, mellow garlic flavor, black garlic makes a fantastic addition to hummus. Enjoy black garlic hummus in just a few minutes as a tasty snack! * Recipe on

With a rich, mellow garlic flavor, black garlic makes a fantastic addition to hummus. It’s easy to make black garlic hummus in just a few minutes as a healthy snack or appetizer!  You’re probably wondering what black garlic is and why we’re using something that looks burnt in hummus. While this Wikipedia article can help with loads of details and a history of black garlic, I’ll give you a quick…

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Roundup Posts

Garlic Month Recipes

A list of over 15 DROOL-WORTHY garlic month recipes! A must save for every garlic lover!

Happy April, darlings! Not only is April usually the month that transitions us into warmer weather and beautiful springtime, it’s also… garlic month. Now you may be saying to yourself, “Mary, every month is garlic month”, and this is true. But apparently the powers that be have deemed April an extra-garlicky month, and I am here to help you celebrate with a roundup of fabulous garlic month recipes. I personally…

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Blog Recipes/ Breads

Texas Toast Challah & How to Make a 6 Strand Braided Bread {video}

Challah bread is a braided egg bread and a traditional part of Jewish meals on the Sabbath and holidays. Depending on where you live, challah bread is also very commonly found in grocery stores and bakeries, because it has this slightly sweet yet savory flavor and a dreamy texture making it perfect for eating alone, or using for everything from sandwiches to French toast. In fact, my first blog post…

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Main Dishes

Rosemary Garlic Oven Roasted Chicken

I believe you can savor dessert without gaining weight if you balance the rest of your diet accordingly. The Godfather and I decided long ago to focus our diet on primarily whole foods and I make many things from scratch for our home. We aren’t always perfect, but we do have a pretty great balance between enjoying healthy nourishing foods and the desserts and treats I like to make. For example,…

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Blog Recipes/ Salads

Garlic Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

Garfield said, “Never trust a skinny chef”. I was reminded of this on three separate occasions this week when people commented that I am far too thin given the treats I bake. I promise that just like everyone else, we have to watch what we eat, even though I definitely make room for testing!  Our day-to-day diet is rather uninteresting from a blogging perspective. Whole foods, in the best quality…

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