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Maple Bacon Doughnuts

Sweet and salty are a wonderful combination and make these maple bacon doughnuts a treat that won't last long! Recipe on

Sweet and salty are a wonderful combination and make these maple bacon doughnuts a treat that won’t last long! I’m getting a little antsy to start posting the fall recipes, clearly. I have a few summer-ish recipes still coming, but the weather is starting to show the first signs of cooling (some days) and college football just started. So… fall flavors it is! And from the looks of it, maple…

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20 Delicious Doughnut Recipes

20 Delicious doughnut recipes to try! Baked, fried, dipped, sprinkle coated, sugar dusted, and even gluten free - these look amazing!

June 3rd is National Doughnut Day. Did you know that, darlings? I’m not sure we need a day to celebrate doughnuts (or donuts) though. Baked or fried, filled or with that classic ring shape, doughnuts make us smile! I absolutely love the variety of doughnut recipes available on the internet and am always finding a new one – or dozen – that I want to try. So today, I decided…

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Mudslide Doughnuts

Mudslide doughnuts - because any hour with doughnuts is a happy hour. Recipe on

Mudslide Doughnuts are inspired by the mudslide cocktail. You don’t need to wait for happy hour to enjoy these gourmet doughnuts when you follow this recipe, and it’s totally acceptable to enjoy two doughnuts at once. πŸ˜‰   Reading a blog is a bit like watching a reality television show. You see the edited bits, the polished virtual representation put to you by the blogger. Sometimes, that’s exactly what the…

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Baked Lemon Doughnuts

Baked Meyer lemon doughnut recipe with a vanilla bean white chocolate ganache glaze

I was meeting a friend for coffee and shop talk, and I asked her what her two favorite dessert flavors were so I could share some treats. She replied, “caramel and lemon.” Clearly, the two don’t typically pair together, which was just fine for me since I wanted to use some cute paper baking cups I had just acquired and “needed” to make cupcakes, but I was also finding the…

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