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Fire up the grill or the smoker! Whether we are grilling up a quick meal or taking it low and slow, there’s nothing like a good meal cooked over fire. You’ll find plenty of grilling and barbecue inspiration here!

Whether you have a charcoal grill, gas grill, or a pellet smoker, The Goodie Godfather has a recipe for you.

This category is mostly written by Mr. Goodie Godmother, aka The Godfather. He enjoys trying out different styles of BBQ, and gives all of them his own flair, even making his own sauces!

The recipes you’ll find here are very much inspired by personal experience. The Cuban pork shoulder recipe is a Christmas Eve staple when the holidays are just us or a small gathering. It’s a scaled version of the whole roast pig the Godfather had every Christmas growing up.

If you want to commit to a whole pig and even build your own roaster (seriously!), he has a three-part series on the whole hog roasting process that you can find starting with this post here.

Other recipes are travel-inspired. We theme all our moving road trips around food stops and once, it was ALL barbecue! Recipes from every stop can be found here.

Most of the recipes to date were on a charcoal grill. The Godfather recently acquired a pellet grill smoker and has been developing some fabulous recipes there too. You should definitely try the dry brined turkey breast, we make that all year!

I snuck a slow cooker bbq pork recipe in here too… you can make it on the smoker, but the flavor is spot on even without a grill. The grilled shrimp tacos are phenomenal too, and we usually use a grill pan for simplicity on busy weeknights.

I hope you find a fabulous new grilling and barbecue recipe here!

Whole Pig Roast with La Caja China – Part 1: How to Build a Pig Roasting Box

How to Build a Caja China, aka, Pig Roasting Box. This tutorial will show you how to build your own pig roasting box to roast a whole pig without a pit. Part of a 3 part series documenting how to build a pig roaster, source a whole pig, and roast a whole pig.

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