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As much as we may want to, it’s not possible to live off dessert alone! In the Main Dishes category, I share mostly easy family-friendly recipes.

The blog pre-dates my kids, so the amount of time I’ve had to cook has varied wildly over the years! That’s why you might notice the definition of “weeknight meal” shifts over time. Life happens, we have to eat through all of it.

The recipes included in this category are what I consider to be “centerpiece” recipes. Basically, they can be served on their own, or with a simple side, and make a full meal.

If you’re all about the pasta and carb dishes, here are some great recipes to check out:

You’ll also find some family recipes from both my family and my in-laws…

  • Cuban Picadillo – this ground beef recipe is so versatile!
  • “Stuffed” Rice Casserole – my mom made this as a budget meal for our family when I was a kid. But I still make it now because it’s so good! This one freezes well and is great for meal trains too. Use a clear glass casserole dish so you can see the layers!
  • Cuban Black Beans – serve as a soup or with rice… black beans are a power food! The only modification I made to the way I learned how to make it was to add an Instant Pot modification. Because sometimes, dinner has to be ready quickly!

There’s so much more to explore, of course. I hope you find some fabulous new recipes to add to your menu!