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I joke that we eat vegetables and dessert in this house and that’s basically it. It’s not entirely true, of course, but salads of all kinds are a big part of our meal plan!

First, salads are easy to make. You have about a thousand ways to customize one based on ingredients, time of year, and your preference.

They can be made in advance sometimes.

Eating a salad with your meal (or as your meal) means there’s room for dessert.

And finally, when it comes to answering the “what should I bring?” question for parties, let’s bring something fun. Like a salad.

This category has a mix of recipes, some savory and some sweet. The savory recipes are vegetable or grain-based. The sweet recipes are fruit salads.

If I’m going to make a “cake salad” we call it a trifle, and it’s in the Desserts category.

A few recipes I’d like to highlight:

  • Grandma’s Tabbouleh – many tabbouleh recipes are heavy on parsley and mint. My grandmother didn’t like a super green tabbouleh, so she made hers a little differently. This is her recipe, and it’s quite lovely.
  • Feta Farro Salad – Farro is a versatile little grain, and this recipe is delicious! I made it for a friend when she was visiting, and then later found out she had her meal prep chef make it for her again! Pretty exciting if you ask me.
  • Broccoli Salad – if you’ve never had broccoli salad, try this. When I got my braces off, this is the first recipe I made!
  • Curry Chicken Salad – not a vegetable salad, I know. BUT, this is a copycat recipe for this fabulous California deli we used to live by and one of my most popular pins with lots of amazing reviews.

Enjoy, darlings!