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Sandwiches go beyond lunch! Who doesn’t love an easy, handheld meal that can be enjoyed on the go? From picnic time to dinner, let’s make a sandwich!

It’s easy to think sandwiches are just an easy, packable lunch, or something you make when you don’t have time to cook. But a sandwich can be so much more!

Sometimes, a sandwich is a cultural phenomenon, part of local identity and culture.

For example, Cuban sandwiches are A Thing in Cuban communities. If you can’t make it to South Florida to try one, make your own with this recipe here.

Other times, it’s just an easy way to feed yourself when you don’t feel like cooking. Or if it’s too hot!

But even people who are super lazy about cooking for one (it’s me, I’m people), want something tasty! A sandwich is easy enough to make, with minimal mess, and sometimes, like with a chicken salad wrap, you get multiple meals!

I hope you find some tasty new recipes, darlings!