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Sometimes, the difference between a good dish and a great one is the addition of a little something extra. A drizzle of the right sauce can really elevate even the simplest recipe! Find some sweet and savory inspiration in the sauces and condiments category.

This category includes recipes for sauces and things I consider condiments or flavor enhancers.

For example, you’ll find recipes for making your own vanilla, lemon, and cinnamon extracts here! While you don’t consume extracts on their own, they’re very important for adding flavor to a variety of other dishes.

All the Godfather’s barbecue sauce recipes can be found here, as well as a chimichurri sauce dubbed “Cuban style” because it tastes like the chimichurri you find in Cuban restaurants.

Of course, you’ll also find plenty of sweet recipes. My famous soft caramel sauce is here, as well as a really amazing pecan praline sauce.

I also have a few jam recipes that are easy to follow, not too sweet, and water bath canner friendly.

Fresh Fig Freezer Jam {Honey Sweetened, No Pectin}

When you want an easy way to preserve fresh figs, make this delicious fresh fig freezer jam! It’s sweetened with just a little honey, letting the natural fig flavors really shine through! Store in the freezer for an easy spread for toast or a cheese and charcuterie board whenever you’d like!

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