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Stay out of the kitchen with this collection of slow cooker recipes! From savory to sweet, you’ll find meal ideas and desserts to mix, set, and forget… at least until mealtime.

When it comes to preparing meals, especially when life gets busy, kitchen gadgets, like a slow cooker or pressure cooker can be a life saver!

The recipes you’ll find in this category are easy, family-friendly staples you can mix up with minimal ingredients (usually). Most of them have a lot of room for interpretation, which is great to adapt to what you have without another trip to the store.

Some of the recipes, like the slow cooker ham, we use mostly around the holidays. This has been our go-to method for making a ham at Easter because we set the slow cooker, go to church, and the main dish is ready when we get home!

Guava glazed meatballs are a super easy appetizer, and who doesn’t love a slow cooker brownie? Yum.

If you’re looking for fall recipes, my no sugar added applesauce and bourbon apple butter are both very popular with rave reviews.

Since acquiring an Instant Pot, I’ve also started adding pressure cooker instructions to some of these recipes. Sometimes we plan ahead, sometimes, life happens. We can be prepared to be flexible for both.

I hope you find some great new slow cooker recipes! Enjoy, darlings!