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Pomegranate Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding Parfait

Pomegranates are a gorgeous winter fruit to enjoy in all sorts of recipes! One of my favorite easy breakfasts or snacks is this pomegranate vanilla chia seed pudding parfait.

With fiber, protein, & seasonal fruit, one of our favorite make-ahead winter breakfasts or snacks is this pomegranate vanilla chia seed pudding parfait! * Recipe on

I’ve always loved pomegranates. As a kid, I thought it was so much fun to open the fruit and pick out the seeds one by one. I use more efficient peeling methods now, but a bowl of colorful pomegranate seeds still makes me happy. Enjoying fruits and vegetables in their natural state (thanks mom!), I usually just enjoy fresh as a snack with some nuts. Pomegranate seeds are also great over oatmeal or yogurt. And that’s what inspired this recipe, which I enjoyed enough to share here!  (more…)

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

These salted caramel chocolate chip cookies are easy to make and disappear in no time! They’re one of my favorite modern twists on the classic chocolate chip cookie.

These soft and chewy salted caramel chocolate chip cookies are everything! * Recipe on

We’re in the middle of putting a lot of “finishing touches” in our home. Partially it’s because – 10+ years into marriage – we are slowly phasing out the hand-me-down furniture, and in part because many things just didn’t fit when we move into our current house. Darlings, we still had boxes of college textbooks… from our undergraduate years! Kudos to you if you can tell me when I’ll ever use differential equations in my current line of work. I definitely didn’t when making these salted caramel chocolate chip cookies!  (more…)

Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms

Bacon cheddar stuffed mushrooms can be prepared up to a day in advance before warming to serve. Make before your next gathering, then heat and eat! 

Bacon cheddar stuffed mushrooms are an easy party appetizer you can prepare ahead of time! * Recipe on

Want to read something truly frightening? Think about offering to host a gathering and then trying to make appetizers the same day as the party. Terrifying, darlings, terrifying. Planning like that is counter to all the good entertaining advice I can give you. You want to be able to relax, enjoy your guests, and definitely, definitely, not stress! I think maybe that’s why I’m sharing this party-ready appetizer now. Not only is it a tasty appetizer for sporting watch parties, it’s equally at home for the holidays. See what I did there? 😉  (more…)

Samoas Caramel Corn

This fabulous unique caramel corn recipe was inspired by my favorite Girl Scout Cookie, the Samoas (or Caramel D’Lites). The last batch of samoas caramel corn I made disappeared in minutes!

Samoas Caramel Corn - This recipe always disappears in minutes! *

Ever since I whipped up a batch of chai tea caramel corn and realized how easy it was to make caramel corn at home, I’ve had so much fun experimenting with recipes! Last Christmas, I shipped care packages to family with snacks, and included my s’mores caramel corn and this Samoas caramel corn. The recipe didn’t go up last year because the caramel corn I saved for pictures disappeared too quickly. I had to make this recipe at least 3 times to get pictures, everyone loves it!  (more…)

Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu

This pumpkin chai tiramisu is an easy no-bake autumn dessert with just the right hint of chai tea! 

Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu - This unique tiramisu recipe is a great alternative to pumpkin pie for your fall dessert table! No baking required, and easily assembles in under 30 minutes *

I was discussing fall desserts with my baby sister one day and she suggested a pumpkin tiramisu. I loved the idea! The thing is, baby sister doesn’t like coffee, at all, and if I make a dessert she inspired, it should be something she’ll eat. I thought about it a bit, and remembered my pumpkin chai macarons. Drawing inspiration from those flavors, I decided to whip up a delicious pumpkin chai tiramisu!  (more…)

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