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Love to bake? Welcome to your place!

This desserts and sweets category is where you’ll find most of the recipes on Goodie Godmother. Know why?

We don’t need a reason for dessert! As a farmer’s market client once told me, she shopped other stalls for foods good for her waistline, she bought from me to enjoy food that brought joy to her soul.

All the feels. She liked my caramel brownie recipe, by the way.

The desserts and sweets category is a big place. There are some sub-categories for you to browse, but it’s not an exhaustive list.

Recipes you’ll find here include cakes, cupcakes, cookies, macarons, no-bake desserts, ice cream, pudding, trifles, even a recipe for keto cookies(just the one though. I’m not a health blogger)!

To help you get started browsing, here are a few fun favorites:

It was really hard to narrow down this list! Baking is my love language, and if it’s yours too, you understand why it’s so hard to choose favorite recipes to highlight.

Happy baking, darlings! It’s a blessing to have you here.